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Jack Merriman

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Part of our business ethos is to be as transparent as possible with potential new customers. This includes providing as much information as we can about our products and services with no obligation on your part. This includes, amongst many other things, upfront and honest information about pricing.

If you’re currently looking for an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) accredited barista training course, you’re likely to want to know how much it’ll cost you. So, in this article, we’re going to cover the topic of pricing for barista training courses and other common questions we’re faced with.

What Is Barista Training?

 SCA barista training teaches everything from the basics of coffee to the science of brewing, and sets up you and your staff for serving tastier coffee improving the customer experience through education.

What is an SCA Barista Course?

An SCA coffee training course is a formal coffee skills learning program designed by the Specialty Coffee Association and conducted solely by authorised SCA trainers. SCA Accredited courses span a wide range of topics under 6 modules, which include: Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting.


How Much Does SCA Coffee Training Cost?

So, let’s get into the core question at hand. How expensive are SCA coffee training courses?

Barista training courses in the UK cost from anywhere between £165 to £1,319 depending on the length and complexity of the course. In order to gain the certification from each course, a £55 additional fee covers the cost of the examination. You can find out more about our SCA training courses here.

For individual training courses at the foundation, intermediate and professional levels, SCA barista coffee training courses cost £165, £313 and £461 respectively. For company specific training courses; foundation, intermediate and professional courses for up to four people cost £489, £904 and £1,319 respectively.

For full information on our pricing and detail on all training courses, click here.


How Do I Become a Certified Barista?

Each SCA course adds points towards your SCA diploma which requires 100 points which, once earnt, certifies the learner as an SCA coffee professional. However, many learners do no fully qualify and still benefit greatly from the training they have received both in their knowledge and skillset, and when they go to apply for coffee-related work.

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Do I Need SCA Barista Training?

If you’re looking to become SCA qualified in any way, then yes, you will need to go through the SCA training modules and earn enough points to earn the certification. If you’re simply looking to improve your latte art, brew better espresso, understand more about coffee tasting or roasting, then no, you do not specifically need SCA barista training.

This level of knowledge can be gained through online courses, YouTube videos, and even learning from others in person and putting in the hours. There are also more affordable coffee courses that are not SCA certified that will be able to teach similar content. However, if you or your staff need assistance in serving better coffee to a level that is industry-recognised and standardised, SCA training is a must.


Is Barista Training Worth It?

That decision is ultimately up to you! Thankfully the first ‘Introduction to Coffee’ SCA course is relatively affordable at just £165 per person for a full day of training. This makes it an easy decision for businesses looking to up the quality of their coffee and service. If you are simply looking for a training course as a hobbyist, you may likely find cheaper options with non-SCA accredited courses.

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