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Real Eating Co. is an independently owned, family-run business which was set up in 2004, and has since expanded to a total of 10 sites across the South East and London including takeaway-only sites and dine-in cafes. Their mission is to provide great quality and locally sourced food and drink that their customers can enjoy in their cafes or on-the-go whilst travelling. With cafes in locations including London, Cambridge and Chichester, Real Eating Co. have seen a strong demand for great tasting coffee across all their sites.

Real Eating Co.’s Goal

As Real Eating Co. began to expand their sites, they wanted a coffee supplier that could take them onto the next stage in their journey and support their growth both now and in the future. They already had a coffee offering but they needed a new coffee roaster who could keep up with their demand whilst supplying coffee beans that are as similar as possible to their original beans, to provide consistency for their customers.

Why they chose Bridge Coffee Roasters

Real Eating Co. really resonated with Bridge Coffee Roasters due to the family-run nature of the business, which is something that they value highly. They also found that Bridge Coffee Roasters understood Real Eating Co.’s growth journey and they demonstrated great understanding of their business and goals.

What Bridge Coffee Roasters did

Real Eating Co. were looking for a roaster who could match their current blend of beans, something Bridge Coffee Roasters were able to do at their own roastery. The new coffee was then provided via Bridge Coffee Roasters white labelling service. The coffee was trialled with Real Eating Co. customers and received positive feedback. The coffee has now been rolled out across all 10 stores.

Real Eating Co. also needed high-end coffee equipment to support their coffee offering, so Bridge Coffee Roasters provided top-of-the-range traditional espresso machines, grinders and automatic tampers to enhance their offering. Along with this, Bridge Coffee Roasters continue to provide regular servicing and maintenance so Real Eating Co. can consistently and confidently provide customers with high quality, great tasting coffee without any issues.

The result

Their coffee offering has become so popular it now accounts for 50% of their sales. This has allowed Real Eating Co. to continue their growth and expand their cafes further across the South East.

“Bridge Coffee Roasters are truly masters of the detail. From the origins of the coffee to the whole roasting process, their knowledge of coffee has allowed us to trust their decisions. They understand our challenges and always help us to find solutions, which is why Bridge Coffee Roasters are a great partner for us”
– Helena Hudson, Founder at Real Eating Co.

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