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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

2024 is just around the corner and to mark the occassion, we’re ranking some of the best commercial coffee machines of this year when it comes to reliability, consistency, and their tendency to alleviate headaches for their owners. Whatever reliability means to you, whether it’s minimal breakdowns, consistently good coffee or ease of cleaning and use, these top four reliable coffee machines are some of the top choices in the industry for 2023.

1. Eversys Shotmaster – Automatic ‘Super-Traditional’ Machine (£29,000)

First up is the most expensive option on the list, the incredibly capable barista-replacing automatic machine, the Shotmaster by Eversys. Gaining traction on social media for being the secret sauce behind the rise of Blank Street Coffee, Eversys produce some of the most reliable commercial coffee machines with rarely seen faults and consistently great coffee.

  • Produces 350 Espresso shots per Hour
  • Can produce 4 products at the same time
  • Includes Steam Wand with Everfoam
  • 2x 1.5 Step (option)
  • 560 x 743 x 650 mm

The Shotmaster lives up to its name, capable of producing 4 espresso shots at any one time, and up to 350 coffee drinks per hour. Overkill, for most business. But for the food service industry, where speed and repeatability are key, the Eversys Shotmaster spares no expense.

2. Sanremo Café Racer 3 Group – High Budget Traditional Espresso Machine (£14,000)

Secondly, representing the higher price point of the traditional espresso machines category, is the 3-group Café Racer by Sanremo. If what you’re looking for is a reliable coffee machine that will last you and your business for years to come, and a machine that allows your skilled baristas to brew world-leading quality coffee drinks, the Sanremo might be the right choice for you.

  • Variable boiler temperature accurate to 0.1c.
  • Up to four custom brewing programs, plus manual brewing, per group head.
  • Repeatable volumetric dosing with programmable shot volumes.
  • Variable brew pressure.
  • Dedicated Boilers for each group head and steam wand.
  • Volumetric pump providing pressure stability.
  • High pressure steam boiler for fast, high-quality steaming.
  • 2 – 3 group head configurations.
  • Solid-steel group heads, portafilter and boilers for temperature stability and durability.
  • Hot & cold water mixed dispenser for the perfect temperature hot water.
  • Display for each group head and a main pressure display.
  • Spacious heated cup storage with programmable temperature.

Designed with the modern specialty café in mind, the Café Racer offers fantastic coffee brewing performance, reliability and features for the professional barista team. Designed to mimic the sleek design of a motorcycle, the Café Racer offers intuitive brewing and customisation options to suit any coffee shop.

Read our full review here: Reviewing the Sanremo Café Racer , Or view our Free ultimate User Guide Here.

3. Schaerer Soul 10 – Automatic ‘Bean-to-Cup’ Machine (£10,700)

Thirdly we have a Bean-to-cup machine that has proven itself worthy of being in the category of the best reliable coffee machines: The Schaerer Soul 10 is the superior no-hassle option for anyone looking to serve fast and delicious coffee.


The Schaerer Soul 10 combines style with plenty of personalisation and customisability for different coffee preferences. With a high daily output capacity, it’s ideal for various settings from bustling kitchens to behind the bar in a café or restaurant. The Best Foam Milk System ensures perfect milk texture for the creation of barista-style milk foam for high-quality drinks.

  • Capable of serving up to 250 drinks a day.
  • Features a spacious 10.4″ touchscreen display for intuitive operation.
  • Compact and refined design that blends seamlessly into any environment.
  • Utilizes the Best Foam Milk System for high-quality milk foam.
  • Suitable for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Offers various optional features for customization and versatility.

4. Sanremo ZOE Compact 2 Group – Low Budget Traditional Espresso Machine – (£4,500)

Finally, at the affordable end of the most reliable, commercial espresso machines, is the Sanremo ZOE. Starting at around the £4-5k mark depending on specs, the ZOE is a great reliable machine for businesses that want to get started serving incredible coffee without having to invest in the most top-of-the-line equipment. All you need is great coffee, a skilled barista, and a reliable espresso machine like the Sanremo ZOE.

  • Unique High Gloss Finish
  • SR Rapid Steam Wands
  • Built-in Volumetric Pump
  • Copper Boiled and Piping
  • One Double Scale Pressure Gauge
  • Light Indicator showing Power On
  • Electronic Automatic Level
  • Electronic Pre-Infusion
  • Shot timers
  • LED Lit Working Area