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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

The Eversys Cameo Offers Four Milk Steaming Options

Eversys espresso machines are famed for their automation in coffee extraction and milk texturing technologies. As a fully modular machine, anyone looking to buy an Eversys Cameo should be aware of the different options available to them when it comes to steaming the perfect jug of milk.

Whether you’re looking for a one-touch coffee and milk solution for the ultimate bean-to-cup style experience, automated steaming to aid your staff in creating the perfect latte art, or a fully manual milk steaming process for your skilled baristas, the Eversys Cameo has options to suit most buyers.

So continue reading, or watch the short video demonstration above, to learn about the four milk options with the cameo – 1 Step, Manual, Everfoam, and 1.5 step.


Fully Automated Milk – Bean-to-cup Style

The Cameo is fully capable of providing an intuitive, bean-to-cup style workflow – one where you place an empty cup under the portafilter and tap a button for a delicious cup of coffee. This milk technology is ideal for outlets where speed, efficiency, and ease of service are paramount.

The milk texturing system ensures perfectly silky, glossy milk, and can be poured into the cup either during or after the coffee extraction. Within the settings, the milk can be fully fine-tuned to the exact temperature, texture, and volume for all of your milk drinks separately to design a menu that perfectly suits your needs.

Perfect For: Takeaway coffee cups, office kitchens, conference rooms


Steamed and Textured Milk Dispensing

The industry-leading milk system Eversys are known for – the 1.5 Step milk system dispenses perfectly hot, steamed milk straight into your milk jug down below. An absolutely foolproof method for ensuring consistently high-quality milk, reducing any wastage by setting the exact milk volumes, and allowing baristas with limited training to perfect their latte art designs.

Adding .5 of a step to the bean-to-cup style solution, the 1.5 dispensing tap lets your baristas fully engage with their customers whilst the machine takes care of all steps in the coffee preparation, leaving just the latte art for the barista’s final touch.

Perfect for: High volume cafes, inexperienced users, creating glossy latte art.

Steam Wand – EverFoam

Automatic In-Jug Milk Steaming

Making use of the temperature sensor and air pump within the steam wand, Eversys machines feature optional Everfoam technology. The user adds their desired amount of any cold milk or milk-alterative, and the machine heats and steams the milk to the desired temperature and texture.

Along with being a great aid for hands-free milk steaming, Everfoam is also great choice for outlets where in-line milk is not an option, or for those that want to serve a wide range of milks to their customers.

Perfect for: Offering multiple milks, hands-free steaming, speed of service

Steam wand – Manual

Finally, the Eversys steam wands also provide the user with full control of the steaming process if they so wish – steaming and texturing their milk to the desired temperature and foam level.

This is the perfect option for those that are able to take more care and time during service to create a personal experience for each customer, whilst still getting all of the coffee extraction benefits from an Eversys machine.

Perfect for – passionate baristas, intimate service and hand-crafted experiences

Manual + Temperature Sensor

Manual steaming can also be programmed to automatically finish when the milk has reached a desired temperature, which is programmable within the settings menu.