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Stuck for choice? Enjoy two packs of our Pod Blend 01 and Pod Blend 02 in one bundle, with each pack containing 14 pods. Find your new favourite pod blend with Bridge Coffee Roasters. Shop our Pod Blend Bundle now.


Rich and sweet, our Pod Blend 01 has chocolatey notes, dried cherry and sweet treacle flavours, whilst our Pod Blend 02 has creamy chocolate notes pairing perfectly with the naturally sweet caramel and roasted chestnut tones.



Speciality coffee is grown with lots of care and attention from the farmers, which results in very defined flavour profiles.


Our coffee pods are designed to be compatible with any Nespresso machine


Sourced directly from specially chosen farms in Ethiopia and Colombia, then carefully roasted in our state-of-the-art roaster and processed for use with our coffee pods.


In This Bundle:

Stuck for choice? Enjoy a total of 56 pods, including 28 pods of our Pod Blend 01 and 28 pods of our Pod Blend 02 in one bundle, compatible with  Nespresso® machines. Find your new favourite pod blend with Bridge Coffee Roasters.

About Our Pod Blend 01

Our Pod Blend 1 blends outstanding coffees from Brazil and Colombia to achieve its distinctive taste. We’ve added layer upon layer of flavour with creamy chocolate notes from the Brazil pairing perfectly with the naturally sweet Colombian introducing caramel and roasted chestnut tones. The end result is a sumptuously rich and velvety dark-roast coffee that pairs perfectly with milk or enjoy by itself as a traditional espresso. 

If you want to learn more about how we roast our beans, read more in our blog here

We carefully source, roast and blend our favourite coffees, so you can enjoy the best coffees from our trusted farmers, with the perfect blend ratio to let the natural great taste of each variety shine through in ever blend we create. Learn more about how we source our beans here.

Brazilian coffee so good, they want you to know who grew it

The Brazilian beans in our Pod Blend 1 were grown on a family-run farm in Monte Santo di Minas, which has been in the same family for five generations. Their beans come with a 100 per cent traceability guarantee, with every stage from harvest to processing tracked using satellite imagery. Our growers are so passionate about their coffee, they want you to know it’s theirs.

Consistently great taste secures a future for families

More than 540 families make up the association that produces the Tacueyó Reserve coffee, so it’s important that coffee growing in the Colombian province of Toribio is sustainable. To maintain the high standards that make this speciality coffee so great, the association has built new infrastructure to dry coffee consistently, securing the quality of the coffee and the livelihood of coffee growers for generations to come.

About Our Pod Blend 02

We have taken some classic coffee origins and combined them to create a unique profile that is packed full of fruity flavour. Big chocolatey notes combined with tones of dried cherry and a treacle like sweetness make this exceptional blend a firm favourite amongst coffee lovers. Roasted slightly lighter, this coffee is perfect for drinking all day long.  

Ethiopian coffee considered some of the best in the world

Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region produces some of the finest coffee in the world, famed for its distinctive citrus flavour. Made using the wet processing method, where the fruit is removed before the beans are dried, coffee from Yirgacheffe has a high acidity and fruit-toned quality that makes for a deliciously complex cup of coffee. 

How to use the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel

To learn how to use the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel, find out more in our blog here.