Colombian Coffee

Colombia produces the third highest amount of coffee beans of any other country, so there's so much variety across its many growing regions that there's always something new to discover. From sweet caramel to nutty undertones, explore a new world of flavours.

House Blend 05 - Colombia / Ethiopia

Notes of:

Blackberry Dark Chocolate Violet


Medium brown in colour with more of a balance of acidity, flavour and aroma, medium roasted coffee has a richer consistency than light roast. It also doesn’t have the oily surface you’ll see in the darker roasts.
Single Origin 2 - Colombia

Notes of:

Blackberry Jam Treacle Walnut


Medium roasted beans are a darker shade of brown than light roast, and should have a uniform warm colour with no black. There should be no oil visible on the surface, though they may appear shinier than a light roast.

Colombian Coffee

Like French wines and Belgian chocolate, Colombian coffee is one of THE most famous of its kind in the world. Colombia produces the third highest amount of coffee beans of any other country (only Brazil and Vietnam produce more) and there's so much variety across its many growing regions that there's always something new to discover. Just one word of warning - never call it Columbian coffee. That 'O' is very important to your average Colombian!

Dozens of microclimates mean so much variety

From towering mountains and dizzying altitudes to sun drenched beaches and meandering rivers, Colombia is a country of real contrasts. And this ever changing landscape means there's so much variety to explore in its coffee. There are something like 600,000 coffee producing farmers in Colombia - some with huge production facilities and infrastructure and others growing and harvesting coffee on small holdings in the same way their family have for centuries. Much of Colombia's coffee crops stay in the country but luckily for us, millions of bags make it across to Europe for us to enjoy. And we're proud to work with some of the most passionate coffee growing communities Colombia has to offer.

Coffee beans grown with care

We work with Colombian coffee growers and cooperatives to bring you the best coffee Colombia has to offer, supporting them to improve living and working conditions, grow their businesses and protect the land they farm for generations to come. We know how the coffee is grown and can trace every crop right back to the farm it was grown on for the ultimate in traceability.  Take our Single Origin 1 Colombian coffee. Grown on the Tacueyo Reserve, it's produced by an association of 540 families who, over the last four years, have been able to invest in a new warehouse and machinery to ensure consistency in their coffees which is helping their business to grow.

Colombian blends to give you the best of both worlds

While Colombian coffees are great on their own, they also make perfect partners to other coffee from around the world. The Colombian coffee in our House Blend 5 is carefully blended with beans from the Bench Maji region of Ethiopia to create the perfect creamy blend, with dark chocolate, blackberry and violet flavours. flavours.

Treating our Colombian coffee with care

As expert coffee roasters, we're committed to preserving the great quality and natural great taste to the coffees we source by treating them with the utmost care. When you use the best beans, you need to treat them right, which is why we use state of the art automation to roast and grind our Colombian coffee so you get the same great taste every single time.

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