Where is our coffee sourced from?



All our coffee is sourced from farms in Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Rwanda,  Papau New Guinea, and more. We specially choose the farms which we work with based on a few different factors; mutual understanding and respect for coffee; ethically grown coffee and good working conditions inside and outside of work.


With this in mind, we make sure to help support our chosen farms with their own initiatives, land and lifestyles.


One farm that we work closely with is Mio, a farm based in Brazil who dedicate themselves on going above and beyond Fairtrade for their workers. We have chosen to use their farms because whilst their coffee is of an exceptional standard, their values towards their workers are in line with ours. They help their workers in their working and their home environment by giving them a fair wage and also allowing them to use the food grown in the farm at home, amongst many other things. Mio go further than the standard needed for Fairtrade, which makes their farm ethical and sustainable.


We choose farms like Mio because we’re committed to supporting the families and communities who grow our coffee. Read more about our ethical promise here.

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