Papua New Guinea Coffee

Grown on estates and small holdings up to 2,000 metres above sea level, Papua New Guinea coffee is a lesser-known coffee choice that's well worth exploring. This coffee gets its bright and fruity flavour from its stunningly fertile soil, so don’t be surprised by its sweet flavours.

House Blend 03 - Rwanda / Papua New Guinea Coffee

Notes of:

Maple Syrup Hazelnut Tangerine Yuzu


Rich, creamy and naturally sweet, this coffee is perfect for drinking all day long.
Single Origin 3 - Papua New Guinea Coffee

Notes of:

Dates Milk Chocolate Raspberry


Lightly roasted beans aren't oily on the surface and is lighter brown in colour which is why it’s sometimes called cinnamon roast. This makes for a thin, mild cup of coffee. If you like coffee with fragrant and fruity flavors, you’ll find it among the light roasted coffees.

Papua New Guinea Coffee

Grown on estates and small holdings up to 2,000 metres above sea level, Papua New Guinea coffee - or PNG as it's often called - is a lesser known coffee choice that's well worth exploring. Close to another coffee growing nation, Sumatra, this bright and fruity coffee tastes nothing like it's neighbour's - instead showing some of the flavours you'd usually see from coffee from the Congo. Not tried it yet? Now's the time to give it a go.

Coffee beans that sustain a nation

While it might not be one you know yet, coffee from Papua New Guinea is a vital crop for its people, with nearly half its population employed in the coffee industry.  An independent state on the eastern half of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea mainly produces Blue Mountain and Arusha beans, which thrive in the fertile soil of the high altitude estates and farms. These factors combine to make truly unique and distinctive coffee beans, bursting with naturally sweet raspberry and milk chocolate flavours. 

Bright, fruity and versatile

Papua New Guinea coffee is a washed process coffee, which means the coffee cherry is removed before fermentation and drying, with the pulp broken down by microbes before being washed away. This produces a bright-tasting, high quality coffee that's distinctive and versatile. Coffee production has been central to the Papua New Guinea way of life for centuries, and producers have got it down to a fine art. And this care and expertise comes through in every single cup.

Unique, versatile and utterly delicious

While brewing up you PNG coffee in an espresso maker or stove-top lets you enjoy it's natural flavours as nature intended, it's just as good with milk for a range of longer coffees. The Papua New Guinea coffee in our Single Origin 3 can be brewed through an espresso machine, V60, Chemex or French press which makes it one of our great all-rounder coffees.

Try our PNG coffee for free

Want to explore our PNG coffee before you buy? We offer free sample selections of coffee so you can try out a range of ground coffees from different locations and growers across the globe. Our top quality coffees come in a range of flavour profiles, perfect for a multitude of coffee-making machinery.  With single origin coffees, like this delicious Papua New Guinea coffee, and carefully created blends from some of the best coffee producers in the world, you're sure to find a new favourite. Plus we'll deliver it direct to you door for you to try in the comfort of your own kitchen. Then just let us know what you think!