Sweet Coffee

If you've got a sweet tooth but don't want to be adding sugar or syrups to your coffee, there are a few naturally sweet options available.

Single Origin 2 - Colombia Coffee

Notes of:

Blackberry Jam Treacle Walnut


Medium roasted beans are a darker shade of brown than light roast, and should have a uniform warm colour with no black. There should be no oil visible on the surface, though they may appear shinier than a light roast.
House Blend 02 - Brazil / Ethiopia Coffee

Notes of:

Lemon Tart Milk Chocolate White Sugar


Medium brown in colour with more of a balance of acidity, flavour and aroma, medium roasted coffee has a richer consistency than light roast. It also doesn’t have the oily surface you’ll see in the darker roasts.

Sweet Coffee

If you've got a sweet tooth but don't want to be adding sugar or syrups to your coffee, there are a few naturally sweet options available. Whether you prefer fruity sweetness or rich, caramel flavors, the beans you choose - plus the roasting process they go through - can make a real difference to your finished cup.

Do sweeter coffees have added sugar?

While there are plenty of processed and flavoured coffees available that have sugar added, our coffees are naturally processed and roasted to bring out the sweet flavor notes that already exist in the beans. From fresh berry flavors to rich cocoa / chocolate notes, each crop of coffee beans have their own unique flavour, which are enhanced during the roast. Light and medium roasts tend to bring out fruitier sweetness, while darker roasts can taste more chocolatey and intense, all resulting in a sweet cup of coffee.

But there are plenty of bean varieties to try - both arabica beans and robusta - each with their own natural flavours, so explore different varieties, countries and roast levels to see what they taste like and find naturally sweet coffee that suits you.

What brewing methods does naturally sweet coffee work best with?

Which method you use to make your cup of coffee is completely down to personal taste, so there's no right answer to this one. But coffee beans with chocolatey notes work well in an espresso machine, with or without added milk, while fruity sweetness can come through stronger with a slow process like drip, cold brew or French press. Our top quality ground coffee is ground after roasting so that they're fine to use in multiple brewing methods so it's worth experimenting to find a coffee that suits your palate. And if your coffee isn't quite how you'd like it, you can always add a dash of sugar.

Which coffee should I choose if I like a sweet coffee?

The Colombian coffee in our Single Origin 2 has wonderfully sweet milk chocolate, treacle abd  blackberry jam flavours, combining fruity and sugary sweetness to make it the perfect choice for espresso and longer drinks. Or for a deeper, sweeter flavour, you might want to try our Single Origin 1 Brazilian roasted coffee, bursting with classic caramel, cherry and cocoa taste.

Blends are also a great way to explore different levels of natural sweetness, with coffee with different levels of naturally sugars combining for a completely unique tasting experience. Our House Blend 2 brings together the best of Brazil and Ethiopia for a drink that tastes like lemon tart, white sugar and milk chocolate. Free from added sugar and medium roast for a rich coffee without any bitter notes, this blend is a great all-round coffee to keep in your cupboard.