Nutty and Cocoa Coffee

Nut flavours occur naturally in certain coffee beans, and are drawn out and enhanced once the beans are roasted.

House Blend 01 - Brazil / Sumatra

Notes of:

Black Cherry Dark Chocolate Smoked Hazelnut


Rich, creamy and naturally sweet, this coffee is perfect for drinking all day long.
Single Origin 2 - Colombia

Notes of:

Blackberry Jam Treacle Walnut


Medium roasted beans are a darker shade of brown than light roast, and should have a uniform warm colour with no black. There should be no oil visible on the surface, though they may appear shinier than a light roast.

Nutty and Cocoa Coffee

Every coffee has hundreds of flavour notes that conjure up different things for different coffee drinkers, from sweet berries through to rich chocolate and even juicy green apples. But one of the most common flavour you'll be able to detect is nuts - from toasted hazelnut through to sweet almond - and you'll find nut notes in coffees from all over the world.

Is nutty coffee flavoured? 

While you can buy flavoured coffee with nut syrup or ground nuts added, there are plenty of great naturally nut flavoured organic coffee varieties to choose from. Nut flavours occur naturally in certain coffee beans, and are drawn out and enhanced once the beans are roasted. So there's no need to purchase a coffee brand with nut flavour added, or to add sugary syrups to make your coffees taste like hazelnuts. Explore different speciality coffees to find natural nut flavours you'll love.

Which single origin coffee should I choose if I like nutty flavours? 

If you're looking for a single origin coffee with nutty flavours, Brazilian coffee is usually a good choice. The Brazilian coffee in our Single Origin 1 is made with crops from the  Tres Pontas region of Sul de Minas, grown by the Chaves de Brito family. With its chocolate, caramel and cherry flavours, this sweet and nutty brew works well with all coffee making kit, but is especially good for a cup of silky smooth espresso. If that's too intense for you, just add a little bit of milk for the perfect anytime cup.

Are there any blends to try that taste of nuts? 

Blends are also a great choice to add some more complex taste to your morning espresso. Our House Blend 1 features beans from Sumatra and Brazil for a finished brew with delicious black cherry and smoked hazelnut flavours. Perfect as an espresso, or blended with milk for a longer drink, the two varieties of beans in our blend are perfectly roasted to bring out their natural flavours.

Explore a world of taste with our free sample packs 

Not sure which coffee you'll like or want to try a few varieties side by side? Order one of our sample packs and experiment. No need to buy a full sized bag - our sample packs contain just the right amount of coffee to treat yourself to lots of different flavours before making a decision. And with delivery direct to your door, it's the easiest way to find your new favourite coffee. Don't forget to contact us to tell us what you think once you've enjoyed a cup or three! There are so many delicious varieties of naturally nutty coffees to try, so why not start exploring them today?