House Blend 02 - Brazil / Ethiopia Coffee

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Size: 250g
Grind: Espresso
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Light, citrusy and bursting with natural sweetness, House Blend 2 is packed with lemon tart, milk chocolate and white sugar flavour notes.



Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.


All our coffees can be brewed using different methods, and this coffee is a real all-rounder, perfect for the espresso, filter or drip method of your choice.


This coffee was processed using the natural process. Post-harvest processing influences the taste profile. Washed coffees are brighter, naturally processed are sweeter, wet hulled processed are nuttier and honey processed are somewhere in between.



About this coffee

With its natural sweetness and lemon tart and milk chocolate notes, our House Blend 2 is perfect if you like your coffee on the sweeter side.

Made with the same Brazilian beans as our best-selling House Blend 1, paired with Ethiopian Abeba beans from the world-famous Yirgacheffe region for a lighter taste, this delicious blend is bursting with flavour, making it the perfect anytime brew.

Brazilian coffee so good, they want you to know who grew it

The Brazilian beans in our House Blend 2 were grown on a family-run farm in Monte Santo di Minas, which has been in the same family for five generations. Their beans come with a 100 per cent traceability guarantee, with every stage from harvest to processing tracked using satellite imagery. Our growers are so passionate about their coffee, they want you to know it’s theirs.

Ethiopian coffee considered some of the best in the world

Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region produces some of the finest coffee in the world, famed for its distinctive citrus flavour. Made using the wet processing method, where the fruit is removed before the beans are dried, coffee from Yirgacheffe has a high acidity and fruit-toned quality that makes for a deliciously complex cup of coffee.