Single Origin 2 - Colombia Coffee

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Size: 250g
Grind: Espresso
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Sweet and chocolaty with treacle, milk chocolate and blackberry jam flavours.



Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.


All our coffees can be brewed using different methods, and this coffee is a real all-rounder, perfect for the espresso, filter or drip method of your choice.


This coffee was processed using the washed process. Post-harvest processing influences the taste profile. Washed coffees are brighter, naturally processed are sweeter, wet hulled processed are nuttier and honey processed are somewhere in between.



About this coffee

Produced by a collective of small holders in the Toribio region of Colombia, the flavours of this smooth and chocolaty Tacueyó Reserve coffee reflect the care and attention its producers put into every single crop.

Versatile enough to brew through any method, this delicious coffee has a distinctive flavour and mouthfeel that makes it a must have for any coffee connoisseur’s store cupboard.

A collective love of great coffee

The association that produces the Tacueyó Reserve coffee, Asprocrit, is made up of 540 families, each growing great quality coffee on their own small family farms. The families come together, combining their crops and their expertise to share their distinctive, delicious coffee with the world.

Investing in their families’ futures

The Asprocrit association is the largest association in Cencoic, growing from 194 families in 2012 to where it is today. Over the past four years, the association has invested in a new warehouse for receiving coffee, plus a mechanical drier to create consistency in their coffee, helping secure the livelihood of its families of growers for generations to come.