Coffee Gifts

Searching for that perfect luxury coffee gift? From kits specially paired with our coffee, to our own coffee collections, gift buying for coffee lovers couldn't be easier.


Coffee Gifts

There are so many ways to brew up the perfect cup of coffee and one just isn't enough. Why not treat your favourite coffee lover to a great filter or drip accessory, like a V60 or Chemex - perfect gifts for people who like to take their time over their coffee. Or if they need gifts that serve a crowd, how about a classic stainless steel French press for lazy weekend brunches? Choose their favourite brewing method first then why not buy them the full set? We'll help you find the right kit at the right price, and arrange delivery to make buying gifts so easy.

Grinding options

If they love the ritual of preparing coffee, they probably like to grind their beans themselves. So, a top quality grinder could be the perfect coffee gift. From traditional hand-operated grinders to state-of-the-art countertop options, a coffee grinder could be the ideal gift to help them make their best coffee every single time.

Mugs and cups

The perfect mug can make your coffee taste even better. Help them enjoy their brew in style with a coffee cup or mug to suit their favourite kind of coffee. From perfectly formed espresso cups to a set of mugs perfect for a longer latte, coffee drinking accessories make the perfect coffee gift and come in a whole host of price brackets. Find a style that ties in with their decor for a truly personal touch then arrange delivery direct to their door.

Barista-style coffee kits

No coffee connoisseur should be without a top quality coffee kit, and there are so many varieties to choose from. If you know someone who loves to experiment with their brew, drip kits could be the perfect gift for them. Watching their coffee bloom and extracting those intense flavours themselves means they can experience making delicious coffee like a professional barista. Whether they just want to be able to save time making the best hot coffee they can at home, or want to take their coffee shop brews to the next level, there's no need to search for the right kits at the right price. We'll help you find the right kit first time, at the right price and with express delivery. 

Great quality coffees

Treat them to a different caffeine hit every day with a range of different coffee to taste at home.  You could treat them to a variety pack so a complete set arrives in one go, or get a different variety from different parts of the world sent direct to their door monthly as a subscription, at a great price with delivery included. From sweet to fruity, bold to chocolate, help them discover the flavour notes they like best without having to search, with coffee to drink on its own or pair with food for the perfect end to a dinner party. Our ground coffees work with all kinds of coffee making equipment, from espresso machine to kits with filers, like V60 and Chemex, so they can try their new favourite coffee lots of different ways too. Or you could send them whole bean coffee ready to grind fresh whenever they want it.