From bean to cup, here's how we roast our own coffee

The roasting process is one which we’ve been mastering for 35 years, working with world-class farmers to make sure each roast produces truly great coffee.


When identifying how to roast particular coffee beans, we take the natural flavours of the bean and compliment this through roasting it lightly or dark depending on their flavours. For instance, a floral, citrus or fruity coffee bean will be lightly roasted so to enhance their natural flavours. Whereas a coffee bean with chocolate or caramel notes will be roasted much darker to compliment these flavours.


To create our signature Bridge House Blends, we’ll take coffee beans from different origins of the world such as Brazil, Columbia and Rwanda and we’ll roast these to create unique, great coffee which will never be replicated anywhere else. We pride ourselves on creating such coffee combinations where each bean compliments and each roast compliments the natural flavours, and because of this we’re able to create delicious and bespoke blends.


All of the coffee we produce is to such a high standard that it scores over 80 on the SCA scale, meaning that it’s classed as ‘speciality coffee’. Speciality coffee is defined as having the upmost attention and care in all aspects of its journey, from bean to cup. When creating speciality coffee, we work with a selected few farms across the world which we trust to grow the very best coffee beans, then we roast each coffee to enhance and highlight their natural flavours. Once the coffee has been specially roasted, the next step is down to the barista to produce a really high quality coffee drink, and you can find out exactly how to do this in our ‘How to make the perfect espresso’ video.


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