What is the coffee taster's flavour wheel?

You may have heard of us refer to the SCA flavour wheel quite often. This is because the SCA, Speciality Coffee Association, are an organisation who control and influence the standards of speciality coffee, so all speciality coffee has been created with their vision in mind.


The SCA flavour wheel is a guide that helps people taste the notes that are present within any coffee. From floral, to fruit and even nutty, there are a huge range of flavours which many people wouldn’t know existed in coffee.


At Bridge, we adapted this flavour wheel so that everyone can easily understand it. We kept all of the flavours present in our coffees so it isn’t as overwhelming, and for each of our coffees we have pulled out each of the flavours to help people understand what they will be tasting.


The flavour wheel is really important in the coffee world as it is ultimate guide to cross-reference when cupping coffee. Everyone in the industry uses the SCA flavour wheel to keep consistency across each roasters coffee flavours. Next time you’re drinking you’re favourite coffee drink, see if you can pick out any of the flavours in it.

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