Hario Drip Kit Coffee Gift

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Size: 250g
Grind: Filter

Suitable for any pour over method including the V60 and Chemex.

Know someone who loves to take their time making their coffee? Treat them to this Hario Bloom Drip Kit 2 with... Read more

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Know someone who loves to take their time making their coffee? Treat them to this Hario Bloom Drip Kit 2 with two 250g bags of coffee which will include our House Blend 1 and our House Blend 3. Beautifully packed in a navy blue gift box, perfect for a gift for any occasion. 

If you want to learn more about how we roast our beans, read more in our blog here.

This Hario Bloom Drip Kit 2 includes:

X1 250g House Blend 1

X1 250g House Blend 3

Coffee Measuring Scoop

Plastic Coffee Dripper

Coffee Filter Papers

A beautiful blue gift box to hold all of your gifts


Hario Stainless Coffee Measuring Scoop
The simple stainless steel spoon is perfect for measuring coffee grounds. We all know how important it is to add the correct amount of coffee for that perfect cup. Add too little or too much of grounds and the coffee will not taste the same. With the Hario coffee scoop you will be able to add the correct amount every time. This spoon measures around 12g of ground coffee. Read more details

Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper
Hario's V60 is a world-recognised iconic coffee dripper. The revolutionary conical dripper helps your filter and brew coffee to exacting standards. The Plastic dripper is available in red and white, as well as transparent/clear plastic. Read more details

Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers - Size 02 - White (40 pack)
The original and best V60 filter coffee papers from Hario. Designed to perfectly fit the iconic Hario V60 dripper in size 02. Read more details

House Blend 1

With its rich, smoky nuttiness and natural sweetness, there’s no surprise that House Blend 1 is our most popular coffee blend. Made with Sumatran beans from Mandheling Permata Gayo and Brazilian beans from Monte Santo de Minas, this distinctive, full tasting coffee makes incredible espresso, packed with flavour and topped with the perfect crema. Read more details

House Blend 3

Created using coffee picked from three different continents, House Blend 3 brings together some of the best flavours in the world. Pairing creamy chocolate and sweet maple syrup notes with fresh, citrusy tangerine and yuzu flavours, this expertly blended coffee is a real treat for your taste buds, perfectly balanced and made for drinking all day long. Read more details

How to use the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel

To learn how to use the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel, find out more in our blog here.