Single Origins vs Blends, what’s the difference?

As a coffee lover, you may be familiar with the difference between house blends and single origins. But for the coffee enthusiasts who have started their journey to becoming a coffee connoisseur, understanding the difference will help you explore and discover the flavour profiles for you.
Each individual coffee we use is carefully selected from one origin. At Bridge Coffee Roasters, before we decide whether that coffee will be a single origin or a blend, we will cup it to taste the natural qualities of the coffee and decide whether it is perfect on its own or if there are other single origins that will complement it perfectly and increase its flavour profile.

So, what does this mean for single origins coffees?

Simply put, single origin coffees originate from one origin, region or farm, making the beans exclusive to that origin in terms of their flavour, depth and acidity levels. In turn these elements make them much rarer than any blend of coffee beans as their qualities cannot be replicated outside of the area they were grown in. This makes single origins well suited to being lightly roasted, ensuring the natural flavours can be enjoyed just as nature intended.
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How do blends differ?

House blends are made up of coffee beans from two or more origins that are paired together to enhance and complement each other’s qualities. For any coffee lover, they’re a great way to experience a new, unique and refreshing speciality coffee, as no one house blend will ever be the same as another roasters. In some instances, they provide the best of both worlds when it comes to tasting coffee from different regions, as each blend incorporates the finest flavours of from some of the world’s best coffee growing communities. And when pairing and roasting house blends, roasters will look for qualities in each coffee that makes the end result balanced and consistent in flavour, acidity and depth.

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Which is the better option to drink?

Coffee lovers are always looking for that perfect morning brew, and whilst one coffee may be perfect to one drinker, another may have a completely difference experience. Both types of coffees offer a new experience to any coffee lover, but if you’re looking for defined tastes and aromas, a single origin may be more appropriate than a balanced house blend. 
As a whole, speciality coffee is so much more than great tasting coffee. Coffee is crowned speciality when it scores as high as 80 or above out of 100 by a certified SCA taster. But the title isn’t given out lightly. This means that that particular coffee has been grown and cared for in such a way that the beans have little to no defects, so when roasters like Bridge Coffee Roasters are able to roast them, they need to take extreme care so not to disrupt their natural qualities. From crop to cup, every part of the beans’ journey is respected, making it ethically sourced, 100% traceable coffee.
As a speciality coffee roaster, we source the highest quality coffee beans from coffee growing communities all over the world and carefully roast them in our roastery in Wales, making sure that every blend and single origin is of the highest score it could be.
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