Our Pod Blend 02 has been voted one of the best pods of 2023, but what does this mean?

We’re Good Housekeeping approved! 


Our Pod Blend 02 has recently been blind tested by 10 taste testers at Good Housekeeping. They trialled 28 eco-friendly coffee pods and ranked the top twelve by flavour, aroma and mouthfeel, and we were pleased to see that our Pod Blend 02 finished sixth and was crowned the ‘Best Welsh Coffee Pods’. The taste testers at Good Housekeeping noted that they enjoyed the ‘silky smooth finish’ of the pods. If that isn’t a good enough reason to try our new coffee pods, keep on reading…


What is a blind taste test?


A blind taste test is a way of determining how well a new product will be received by consumers. The name "blind" refers to the fact that neither the tester nor the tester's co-workers are aware of what samples they will be tasting. For any company undergoing a taste test, it allows them to gain unbiased feedback, and in our case, the blind taste test was conducted by consumers to determine the tastiest eco-friendly coffee pods on the market for 2023. It’s a great way to give consumers an insight into what they’re buying before they can taste it. 


What does this mean for Bridge Coffee Roaster’s pods?


The seal of approval of our Pod Blend 02 from Good Housekeeping not only means that they voted our pods the best in Wales, but that they preferred them to some of the more known brands out there. As our coffee pods have only recently launched, this helps makes the launch that bit more successful and should help fellow coffee pod lovers like yourself when deciding which pods to try. But what makes our coffee pods so good…?




All our pods are made from aluminium to bring you the best quality speciality coffee in our pods without allowing any air to oxidise the delicious contents inside. Thanks to their aluminium materials, they’re 100% recyclable when you remove all the used coffee granules from the inside. Whilst recycling aluminium pods may already be part of some people’s routine, for others this can be more of a hassle, which is why we’ve introduced a pod recycler which empties the contents of the pod with ease. It’s one way to help become more environmentally friendly as research by Packaging Online in 2021, revealed that 29,000 plastic coffee pods end up in landfill every month and almost 350,000 a year.




As a coffee lover like us, we understand there’s no worse feeling than running out of coffee pods, leaving you unable to get your morning caffeine fix. To solve this, we offer our coffee pods on a subscription basis, where you can receive your pods weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with 10% off. As each pack contains 14 pods rather than the usual 10 pods, we’d recommend to order a pack of 14 a week, so you can indulge in two pods a day, or enjoy a monthly subscription with our bundles, which includes 56 pods.

Ethically sourced speciality coffee


We’re passionate about great tasting coffee, which is why at Bridge Coffee Roasters we ethically source all our coffee beans from some of the best coffee growers in the world. As we hand pick each grower and develop a close relationship with them, we’re enable to trace our coffee back to the farmer who grew it, giving you transparency in your coffees journey from crop to cup. You can find out more about how we work with farmers in our video.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods, why not explore our range?

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