Coffee trends to drink up this Christmas

As Christmas gets nearer, many home comforts undergo a festive transformation that amplify the magic of the season. That’s why many home baristas change their usual cup of coffee to something more festive. From seasonal syrups to Christmas-inspired drinks, there are so many ways home baristas try to replicate the festive fun through coffee.

Here are our top three Christmas trends this year…

Creative Christmas Drinks

There’s no surprise that during the Christmas season home baristas begin to experiment with their coffees to feel more festive. Coffee drinks such as the Espresso Martini is rising in popularity this Christmas due to its boozy counterparts that are loved during the party season. This coffee is made from one shot of espresso, 100ml vodka, 50ml coffee liqueur, ice and brown sugar, and is the ultimate Christmas coffee cocktail to get anyone feeling festive. Another trending drink that is paving its way into the Christmas season is the classic mocha, a coffee drink made with hot chocolate to provide the ultimate cosy drink in those frosty mornings.




Classic Christmas Flavours

Under usual circumstances, the expert roasters and baristas at Bridge Coffee Roasters would encourage coffee enthusiasts to experience everything speciality coffee has to offer without any syrups. But when the Christmas season begins, it’s hard not to enjoy a gingerbread latte or a mint chocolate mocha to get into the festive spirit.
There’s something warming about treating yourself to a cup of coffee that tastes like Christmas. Whilst there are a few different ways to capture this sensation, one of the easiest and most popular ways to do so is through syrups. There are many Christmas-inspired syrups, with some classic options being gingerbread, peppermint, and mint, which can transform your coffee into a Winter Wonderland. Because there’s nothing more Christmassy than an indulgent yet comforting cup of coffee to get into the spirit.


Innovative Festive Syrups

Whilst there are some classic syrups that transform your regular morning coffee to a Christmas-inspired delight, there are some new and emerging syrups that are becoming a popular choice this Christmas. Syrups such as toasted marshmallow add a sweet and warming element to any coffee drink, whilst toffee nut adds a rich and homely sensation to drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. They’re a great option to take your coffee drink to the next level and impress other coffee lovers, too. In amongst these trending syrups, chocolate orange syrup is on the rise, with many home baristas looking to replicate that delicious Christmas classic flavour. Using these trending syrups in any coffee drink will ultimately help any home barista to achieve festivity in their coffee drinks, and bring a unique experience with every sip.

This Christmas, will you be experimenting at your coffee station with any of these Christmas trends? If so, you can learn more about developing your barista skills on our YouTube channel, where we talk all things coffee. Find out how to pull the perfect espresso, steam silky milk and create the perfect latte art designs here.



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