Learn how to make the perfect espresso like a professional at home

All coffee lovers can appreciate a really good coffee for its taste, and there’s nothing like a great coffee from your favourite coffee shop. But imagine having that same great taste and quality every time you make your own at home. Watch this video to learn the ins and outs of making the perfect espresso.


Having a great espresso isn’t just about getting that morning caffeine fix, it’s also about being able to create other great coffee drinks. They’re the foundation to every other coffee drink, from cappuccinos, flat whites, and even lattes. So it’s really important that your espresso is as good as it can be.


Whilst the knowledge and practice of making an espresso is the main factor of its taste, you also need to bear in mind a couple of other things that could affect your coffee. From choosing the right beans, to knowing how to store them properly and even getting the grind size right. Make sure to read our other blogs on storing coffee beans, adjusting the grind size and steaming dairy and non-dairy milk to master the art of making coffee.


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