What is the best espresso machine for me?

The days of waking up and walking to a nearby coffee shop in the rain or queueing up in lines before work are over. With these Bridge-approved domestic espresso machines, you’ll be able to create great coffee shop quality drink from the comfort of your own home. From drinks available at the push of a button, to a little bit of training needed beforehand to perfect those espressos, have a look at this video to see what we recommend.


With the rise in demand of domestic espresso machines, there’s a whole range of coffee machines on the market to choose from. From manual espresso machines to super-automatic machines, it can be quite overwhelming to know which the most ideal machine is to satisfy your coffee making skills and taste.


At Bridge, we love manual to semi-automatic espresso machines as there are so many features which we’re able to control from grind size to steaming the milk. Take a look at our top 3 espresso machines in different price ranges…


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