How to taste coffee like a professional

It’s common knowledge that there’s an art to tasting wine. From the different types of flavours to how heavy or light it is, people can taste for these factors in the same manner. And this is the same for coffee. Coffee cupping is the known practice of how to taste coffee, and it uses the SCA’s recognised method.


For any coffee lover or connoisseur, knowing what flavour notes are in your favourite coffee is a great way to really appreciate the multitude of different tastes and flavours. When cupping coffee, it’s the comparisons of the different coffees you’re tasting that you’ll be looking out for. This helps to understand the different qualities in each coffee and refines your palate. Plus, you’ll also have more of an indication of which coffees you know you’ll love in the future, so it’s a great practice to keep on top of.


Cupping coffee is great to evaluate coffees, but it’s also an experience to learn how to taste the notes and compare the coffees. Whether you prefer to cup coffee on your own or with friends, the skills learnt from this method will help you to appreciate the qualities in all future coffee drinks you have.


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