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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

In the video below, we took a trip to the Sanremo Showroom in South Kensington, London, to meet with their UK Sales Director Stewart Johnson. We spent an entire day looking at their entire range of espresso machines, including the ZOE, D8 / D8PRO, F18 Single Boiler, F18 Multi Boiler, Cafe Racer, and the flagship Opera. With the help of Stewart and his knowledge of the range, we compared each machine and discussed where they sit in Sanremo’s lineup in terms of price, features, cup capacity, design language and customisation options. Stewart spoke with us about each machine, and helped us create an additional video resource with his discussion on each separate model.

In this article, we’re also going to provide a brief explanation for each of Sanremo’s espresso machines to discuss features, use cases, customisation options and price points, to help you differentiate between machines and select the right model. If you can’t decide or need further information about any machine, feel free to ask our team -> Get in touch.

Comparing all of Sanremo’s Commercial Espresso Machines


The Zoe is Sanremo’s original espresso machine and is designed for small to medium coffee establishments. It features a 10L, 2mm thick copper boiler which ensures improved temperature stability, steam performance, and energy efficiency. This makes it ideal for serving 100 to 200 cups per day. Constructed entirely from stainless steel except for the plastic cup rail, the Zoe is built for durability.

Key features include shot timers, LED lights, optional pre-infusion, and a fully automatic cleaning system. Cool touch steam wands are available as an optional extra. The Zoe comes in various models: a one group and a compact two group for smaller spaces, a standard two group, and a three group version. Color options include full black, white and black, or white and red, with the possibility of customizing the side and back panels with paint or vinyl wrap.

D8 and D8 Pro

The D8 is Sanremo’s latest entry into the single boiler market, featuring a refreshed design and significant improvements in temperature stability and performance. The stainless steel boiler allows for higher temperatures, combined with an updated heat exchanger and elements behind each group head. This setup ensures impressive temperature stability for up to 200 to 300 cups per day.

The D8 offers adjustable temperatures between 91 and 98 degrees Celsius and electronically controlled steam pressures. Single turn steam arms and new non-stick steam wand tips enhance the barista’s workflow. Brew recipes can be programmed by volumetrics and copied across all group heads, with additional buttons for quick purges and manual brewing. The D8 is available in both two and three group options, and features like cool touch steam wands and workspace lighting can be added as optional extras.

The D8 Pro includes all the optional extras of the D8, plus a mixed hot water valve, improved energy-saving features, boiler insulation, and the ability to set each group head at different temperatures. This makes the D8 a fantastic option for low and medium volume cafes seeking an affordable and precise espresso machine with industry-leading performance on a single boiler setup.

F18 Single Boiler (F18 SB)

The F18 SB is Sanremo’s flagship single boiler espresso machine, ideal for medium volume cafes needing high capacity and temperature stability. It is capable of producing between 400 and 500 cups per day, providing a significant upgrade from the D8 in terms of capacity and performance.

The F18 SB features four programmable shot buttons and a manual brew or purge button. While it does not offer adjustable temperatures, it does allow for adjustable pre-infusion times for each group head. Quarter turn steam wands with a quick purge function make daily steaming efficient and user-friendly. Available in two and three group options, the F18 SB is a reliable workhorse for busy periods without overcomplicating the brewing process.

F18 Multi-Boiler (F18 MB)

The F18 MB takes the F18 series to the next level with dedicated boilers for each group head and steam arm, ensuring superior temperature stability across the machine. Sanremo is confident in its performance, displaying live temperature readings from each group head on top of the machine, typically staying within 0.1 degrees Celsius.

The F18 MB allows for programming temperatures, shot volumes, and pre-infusion modes individually across each group head and shot button, offering a wide range of custom brew recipes. It features a full-color touchscreen display for easy access to all functions, including brew parameters, lights, system alarms, power down timers, shot counters, and software updates. Available in two and three group options, the F18 MB is built with a full metal body designed for durability.

Café Racer

The Café Racer is the standout machine in Sanremo’s lineup, known for its eye-catching design inspired by classic motorbikes and extensive customization options. Ideal for high-volume coffee shops, the Café Racer provides baristas with all the tools needed to get the best out of every coffee.

Each group head features three buttons, turning into six doses with a double tap, each programmable with a custom dose recipe. The bright screens display boiler temperatures, pressures, shot timers, and dose volumes. The Café Racer’s multiple full stainless steel boiler configuration and heavy group heads ensure exceptional temperature stability, even in high-volume settings. The machine reduces the risk of mineral deposits and limescale buildup, features cool touch steam wands, and quick and responsive steam valves. The drip tray can be adjusted at any time to best suit the baristas’ needs. Available in two or three group options, the Café Racer is perfect for those seeking consistency and efficiency in high-volume environments.


The Opera is Sanremo’s flagship machine, designed for high-volume specialty cafes. It is packed with premium features, including the ability to perform pressure profiling. This makes it an ideal choice for coffee bars aiming to be on the cutting edge of coffee brewing and innovation.

The Opera features five boilers – one for each group head and one for each steam arm – ensuring it can handle the highest demand. Cool touch steam wands, 360° steam taps, lever paddles, and intuitive displays create a seamless user experience, giving baristas full control over each brew parameter. Pressure profiling allows for complete control over the coffee during brewing, making it a tool for experimentation and innovation in the coffee industry. The Opera is a statement piece for any high-volume specialty cafe, offering unmatched performance and features.

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