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The best coffee is brewed with clean, well-maintained equipment. Protect it against faults and maintain optimal performance to get the most out of your coffee. With pay-as-you-go site visits or our more cost-effective retainer packages, select the level of service and maintenance cover that suits your requirements. View the short videos below to answer the main questions you may have.

Meet our In-House Team of UK Coffee Engineers

Protect your coffee equipment with the help of our field service team. Providing roaming UK-wide coverage for our customers to aid in the regular servicing and maintenance of your coffee machines and equipment.

Call our Field Service Team for remote assistance, or schedule a site visit when required for all of your coffee machine maintenance needs. With honest, upfront pricing for coffee machine repairs including espresso and bean-to-cup machines, grinders, water filters and accessories. Services including:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Grinder Calibration
  • PSSR Boiler Inspections
  • BRITA Certified Water Treatment
  • Genuine Parts
  • Regular Servicing

Hour Response Time


First Time Fix Rate


Hidden Fees

Pay-As-You-Go Coffee Machine Repairs from £185

Our service and maintenance team offer ad-hoc coffee machine repairs in addition to ongoing insurance cover for your coffee brewing gear.

For one-off repairs: £185 callout + £15 per 15 mins labour + cost of parts. Initial callout fee includes 30 minutes of labour.

Watch this video about all the factors that go into the price of a coffee machine repair.

Coffee Machine Insurance from £500 per year

Along with our pay-as-you-go repairs, we offer a cost-saving and ongoing solution for our customers that entitle you to free repairs in case anything goes wrong with your equipment. Once again, there are many factors that affect the price, but as a rough guide:

For ongoing repairs and protection: Filter Coffee Brewers £500-£1.1k, Espresso machines £900-£1.5k, Bean-to-Cup £1.1k-£3k per annum.

We have a number of service contracts available along with a pay-as-you-go service. For pay-as-you-go customers, initial callout fee = £185, plus £15 per 15 minute labour cost. Ongoing contract prices are determined by the level of service and the size of the operation.

Yes, our field service engineers are all in-house, and UK-wide. Having in-house engineers ensures our team properly represents the brand, are passionate about your coffee offering and are motivated to ensure you're serving a quality product.

Our response time to your site depends on the level of service contract you select. Our top level provides a 24-hr response time, and our remote assistance service cuts down on unnecessary callouts and speeds up turnaround.

Not necessarily, no. Ongoing cover provides peace of mind for when something goes wrong and ensures any issues can be resolved quickly. With our ongoing support, you'll also receive proactive visits and maintenance.

We have a number of options including dedicated QR codes, phone and email. You can contact our help-desk by phone between 8am-5pm weekdays.

Learn about pricing, cover, terms and conditions

Download our Service Level Agreement brochure for more detailed information on the exact coverage offered by our plans including pricing and terms and conditions

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