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Family Owned for over 30 Years

Started by Bernard Devenish in 1985 and now being headed up by sons Darryl and Max Devenish, family runs through everything we do. You can see our family values in everything we do, from our shared love of great coffee to supporting our wholesale clients and customers in their journey from coffee enthusiast to connoisseur.

In 1985 we started off when Bernard Devenish began selling coffee in Bristol. It was then we learned the incredible importance of quality in coffee and in customer-service. These lessons helped us grow and develop every year since then and are just as important to us now as they have ever been.

We all know that coffee is made to be shared and everything we know and do, comes from sharing our passion and knowledge and from the hard-working farmers, baristas and business who have shared their knowledge and vision with us. This 30-year partnership with our customers, suppliers and industry experts means we can give you a breadth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm which we proudly believe is unparalleled.

We Work with Special Coffee

It’s a product of extensive care and dedication, passed down through the generations. We honour that work by interfering as little as possible, roasting carefully to bring out all the flavours. In this way, each coffee can tell its own story – coloured by its own heritage.

Every coffee has an address, we’re just the people helping to tell its story.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Promise

Our commitment is to bring you the ultimate coffee experience, one that is responsibly produced, from seed to cup. This is not merely ideology. This is everyday practice.

Every coffee has:

  • Specific Social Impact in each region.
  • Sustainable environmental practices in place.
  • Tractability directly to specific farms or community of farms (co-operative).

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