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What are PSSR Boiler Inspections?

A Legal Requirement for Pressurised Steam Boilers

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR), regular annual testing of steam pressure vessels is mandatory. Our trained and fully certified coffee machine engineers will perform this test to examine your espresso boiler pressure, safety valves, and the boiler itself. Ensure your business complies with the law while safeguarding your coffee equipment.

Helps Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

Routine boiler inspections are not only required for safety regulations, they also prevent unexpected and costly breakdowns in the future. Think of a boiler inspection in the same way as an MOT for your car, identifying issues early on through regular testing ensures your machine runs efficiently.

What’s Included in a PSSR Inspection?

Whether conducted on-site or in our coffee machine repairs workshop, our certified engineers will dismantle your espresso machine to access the boiler, pressure safety valves and pipework. A competent boiler inspector will then thoroughly examine the boiler using a borescope (pinhole camera), replace any necessary parts, pressurise the system, and certify that everything functions like-new.

Learn About Pricing

How Much Does a PSSR Inspection and Test Cost?

An annual coffee steam boiler PSSR test costs £445, and is not included within your machine service package.

Included in that price is the inspection itself, the engineer’s travel and time on-site, official certification and record-keeping, third party auditing and any new machine parts.

In some cases, our customers’ insurance provider will request that they conduct the inspection themselves. In this instance we can offer our assisted PSSR service for £250, aiding in the breakdown and testing of the machine.

About Bridge Coffee Roasters’ PSSR Testing

PSSR-compliant boiler inspections can be offered as a standalone on-site service or as part of our comprehensive service and maintenance cover. We believe the full-service solution to be the best option from a cost-saving and peace-of-mind perspective, but that decision is ultimately up to you. Find out about our pricing -> Coffee Machine Repairs, Pricing and Cost Factors .

Additional Things to Know

  • Installation and Testing: Our team of engineers will test your machine as part of the initial coffee machine installation process.
  • Initial Pressure Checks: We’ll ensure the boiler pressure is spot on before first use, ensuring the right pressure for high quality coffee.
  • Scheme of Examination: We’ll develop a detailed scheme of examination and timeline for future pressure tests upon first installation or testing.
  • Regular Annual Testing: Yearly coffee machine pressure tests are essential for safety, compliance and performance. By enlisting our service cover, you won’t have to think about it.
  • Record Keeping: We maintain consistent records of any commercial coffee machine repairs and inspections concerning the boiler.

Certified PSSR Inspectors

All of our Engineers here at Bridge are certified through a third party to conduct annual PSSR tests. These annual pressure tests are a legal requirement for the insurance and safe operation of a pressured boiler machine. The onus falls on the owner of the machine to ensure their boiler is inspected by a certified PSSR inspector. Rather than requiring an inspection to by certified by a third party, our qualified team of engineers are able to self-certify the result of the PSSR test.

Service & Repairs

Your Coffee Machine Deserves the Best Care

Our in-house team of UK-roaming engineers offers wide-reaching coverage for your coffee machines and equipment, and with an impressive first-time fix rate, we’ve got you covered. Here’s How We can Help:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Honest, upfront pricing for coffee machine repairs, inspections and coverage plans for espresso and bean-to-cup machines, grinders, water filters and accessories.
  • Wide Range of Services: Including proactive and preventative maintenance, remote assistance, grinder calibration, BRITA certified water treatment, genuine replacement parts, and regular servicing.

Ensure your coffee gear performs at its best.

Find out more about our repairs, maintenance and service cover options.

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