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Let your guests brew their own delicious cup with our specialty coffee pods, compatible with Nespresso® machines.

If there’s one thing more satisfying than coffee in the morning, it’s coffee at the touch of a button. Sometimes your guests need great tasting coffee without having to venture to the cafe. That’s where high-quality specialty coffee pods come into play, perfect for the hotel room and office kitchen.

A Fresh Coffee Experience at the Touch of a Button

With different coffees to choose from including a Brazilian and Columbian blend and Ethiopian and Colombian blend, your guests will be able to select the perfect brew for themselves. Our coffee pods are also available through our white label branding service.

Recycle your coffee pods

All our pods are made from aluminium to bring you the best quality speciality coffee in our pods without allowing any air to oxidise the delicious contents. The pods are fully recyclable and when paired with a pod recycler they can be recycled with ease. Find out more about our pod recycler here.

Pod Blend 1 – Brazil / Colombia

Our Pod Blend 1 blends outstanding coffees from Brazil and Colombia to achieve its distinctive taste.

We’ve added layer upon layer of flavour with creamy chocolate notes from the Brazil pairing perfectly with the naturally sweet Colombian introducing caramel and roasted chestnut tones.

The end result is a sumptuously rich and velvety dark-roast coffee that pairs perfectly with milk or enjoy by itself as a traditional espresso.

Pod Blend 2 – Colombia / Ethiopia

We have taken two classic coffee origins and combined them to create a unique profile that is packed full of fruity flavour.

Big chocolatey notes combined with tones of dried cherry and a treacle like sweetness make this exceptional blend a firm favourite amongst coffee lovers.

Roasted slightly lighter, this coffee is perfect for drinking all day long.


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