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The New Entry-level Gamechanger

Entering the line-up towards the entry level end, the new D8 by Sanremo offers incredible features and design at a competitive price tag.

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Introducing the Sanremo D8

  • Precise, adjustable volumetrics
  • Simple interface with four shot programmes and live timer
  • Adjustable Grouphead Temperature within 88-98 degrees range
  • Powder-dry steam 1.2-1.5 bar
  • 2 and 3 group versions
  • Compatibility with IoT Platform for remote management
  • Easy Accessibility for maintenance
  • Black, black and white, full white
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Technical Specs

  • Sanremo D8/D8 PRO
  • Thermal insulation to group heads for temperature stability
  • Machine Size Options: 2/3 Group
  • 2G 4.5kW – 5.4kW, 3G 5.7kW – 6.9kW
  • Stainless Steel Boiler AISI 316 – 7ltr (2G) / 10ltr (3G)
  • 24v Electronics for diagnosis
  • Isolated Steam Circuit for energy saving
  • External Regulator for pump pressure
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Looking for more? Choose the D8 PRO

  • D8 PRO Additional Machine Features:
  • Display Pack: 52mm round display for easy programming
  • Evolution Pack: Independent grouphead temperature control
  • Comfort Pack: Machined portafilter holder and cool touch steam wands
  • Lighting Pack: LED bar with programmable options
  • Eco Pro Pack: Enhanced energy saving programme mode

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