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From £17,500: The Sanremo Opera has been designed by experts in commercial coffee machines to meets the current coffee demand.

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About the Opera

Designed with every barista in mind, the Opera is equipped with 3 unique selector buttons, as well as push and pull levers, which makes serving up to 3 different types of coffee at a time quick and simple. Perfect for businesses with a high coffee demand looking for a commercial coffee machine that offers speed and quality. What’s more, the Opera coffee shop machines allow you to dial in milk based or espresso recipes to each button, which helps¬† accelerate coffee production during busy periods.

Every detail of these exceptional commercial coffee machines has been considered in the creating process to make it the best tool for creating the perfect espresso. This includes useful features such as the Group Head Multi Point PID Controlled Boilers, CDS System and a 360 Steam Valve.

The Opera coffee shop machines are available as a 2 or 3 group and come in a selection of design and colours to suit your business.

Download Opera Technical Specification

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Interested in the Opera?

We understand that selecting the right coffee machine for your business is essential to producing high quality coffee for your customers. If you're interested in finding out more about the Opera and giving it a try, get in touch and book a visit to our showroom.

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