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It is an important part of our mission that we are honest, upfront and transparent with all things, especially when it comes to your investment into better coffee. Our business model is based on a full suite of solutions towards a delicious coffee experience with long-term packages based on great coffee, equipment, training and servicing. Continue reading to learn more about what that looks like and how much it might cost you.

Delicious Coffee Starts with Quality Beans: from £10-£25 /kg

Many coffee suppliers have been incredibly successful in growing their business by being the cheapest option for coffee beans. At Bridge Coffee Roasters, this is simply not what we do.

You’ve come to our website because you’re looking to serve delicious coffee, and that does not start with low-quality coffee beans. So, whilst we’re not the cheapest amongst our competitors, you’ll be paying for a coffee that sets you up for success. Roasted Coffee Beans: £10-£25 per kilo.

Read this article which explains how much ‘White Label’ coffee costs.

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Coffee Machines from £3.5k – £62.5k

As you can imagine, there’s a huge number of factors that affect the price of a coffee machine. Not only which type of machine you go for, but also whether you choose to lease or outright purchase, if you also choose to buy our coffee, whether it’s protected by our service team and if you purchase more than one machine.

However, to give ballpark figures for machines: Bean-to-Cup £3.5-£11.5k, Espresso £4.5-£17.5k, Super-Traditional £22-£62.5k RRP.

Read this article which discusses the different finance options available for coffee machines.

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Pay-As-You-Go Coffee Machine Repairs from £185

Our service and maintenance team offer ad-hoc coffee machine repairs in addition to ongoing insurance cover for your coffee brewing gear.

For one-off repairs: £185 callout + £15 per 15 mins labour + cost of parts. Initial callout fee includes 30 minutes of labour.

Watch this video about all the factors that go into the price of a coffee machine repair.

Coffee Machine Service Cover from £500 per year

Along with our pay-as-you-go repairs, we offer a cost-saving and ongoing solution for our customers that entitle you to free repairs in case anything goes wrong with your equipment. Once again, there are many factors that affect the price, but as a rough guide:

For ongoing repairs and protection: Espresso machines £500-£1.2k, Bean-to-Cup £700-£2k per annum.

Ongoing Service & Repairs

Certified Barista Training from £165 – £1,319

Our SCA barista training courses aid you and your staff in serving high-quality coffee, by getting the most out of your beans and machines.

The courses vary in price depending on the number of days, attendees, and course modules covered. The cost of certification is an additional £55 per person if you are looking to sit the examination at the end of the course. View more on pricing in our downloadable PDF.

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