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Strengthen your Brand Identity With a Bespoke Coffee

As a specialty coffee roaster, we’re proud of our own wholesale coffee brands. However, we recognise that some businesses want more – a private labelled coffee designed around you, your business and your customers’ tastes. With flexible pricing on blends and single origin specialty coffee, you can select a private-labelled coffee that aligns with your product offering, or stands out alongside your business as your in-house coffee brand.

Choose Your New Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a delicious blend of beans with your logo on the front, ready-to-drink coffee cans, pods, a full branding solution, or a bespoke coffee unique to your business, we’re here to help with packages suitable for most businesses.

Typical pricing per kilo of fresh roasted coffee beans can range from £11 to £22 depending on coffee quality, branding and packaging options. Minimum order quantities from 60kg.

Why Bridge Coffee Roasters?

We’re a third generation family-owned wholesale coffee roaster based in Cardiff, Wales, and have helped businesses like yours serve great coffee since 1985. With a newly installed 120kg Joper coffee roaster and bespoke, fully automated packing line and distribution centre, we’re primed for fantastic growth within the coffee sector in the coming years. Join us on our journey of helping premium businesses serve delicious coffees under their brand.

About Us

Our USP – Designing Coffee Brands for Existing Businesses

Whilst we’re happy providing white label to all customers, our skillset is primarily focused on creating bespoke coffee brands for existing businesses.

Case Study – Notcutts Garden Centre

As part of their coffee strategy, we designed a new coffee brand for Notcutts Garden Centres – 1897. We were briefed to create a coffee brand that aligned with the company’s heritage and customer demographic with a look and feel that aligned with the services environment, whilst creating a strong brand that visually represented the corporate social responsibility of the company.

For Pricing and Minimum Order Quantities - Request our Brochure

Fill in your details and we'll send across the PDF containing our requirements before working together. Includes information on products, packaging and coffees, order quantities and pricing.

Just Want Coffee? – We’ve Got you Covered

A full branding coffee solution isn’t for every business – some may be looking to sell white label coffee at their physical site or as part of a new online business venture. For those businesses just interested in selling a coffee under their existing brand, we’re here to help.

Your private label coffee can be totally unique. We’ll work in partnership with you to fully understand your position in the market, your commercial goals, your history and brand story, and your target customers.

Available on freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules, cold brew cans, and branded ancillary products, you can select the coffee and branding option that best suits your business.

Pricing depends heavily on the type of products and packaging you select including the level of quality, traceability, certifications, sustainability, origin and roast profile, branding and order quantities. But, for a typical retail bag of white label, high quality coffee, you can expect to pay anywhere from £11 to £22+ per kilo.

Yes, we do offer a completely bespoke single origin or blend of coffee that is 100% unique to your business. However, these will be far more costly compared to selecting a coffee from our existing range with your own branding on the bag. For more info, download the brochure.

Yes, we roast and ship your white label coffee within 10 working days of an order being placed. We also offer a stock-hold option for larger customers and order quantities when preferred.

Any business that can meet the minimum order quantities is able to purchase white label coffee from us. Our target customers are established businesses that are looking for a coffee partner to design a complete coffee brand for their business, along with roasting and packing the coffee on their behalf. We do not typically work with start-ups or individuals who are looking to start online retail or drop-shipping as they often can not meet the order requirements.

Minimum order quantities vary depending on the product and if any brand creation is involved. However, most coffee products require a minimum first order of 60kg of coffee.

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