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Our Brand Champion Programme is how we make sure your team know how to create and maintain the WOW factor

We are as passionate about consistency and quality as we are about providing innovative coffee concepts and we will help you to grow a loyal customer base by helping your team to produce the best product, to the best standards, time after time. Selling that ‘second cup’ is what motivates us and it’s no secret to what is needed to sell it, but it’s a fine art to make it a reality. There are 3 areas to consider that hold equal importance.

1. Attraction

Attracting your customer starts before they even enter your venue, brand positioning relevant to your audience as well as clear attractive signage is paramount. If our passion is coffee, then attractive design and branding is our obsession. Bringing the two together is what we do.

2. Consistency

Quality of product is a given, its consistency that’s key in this instance. The only way to true consistency is to have a brand standard and use it as a key performance indicator that is monitored internally and externally. This is where our Brand Champion Programme comes in, we will help to create that brand standard, then monitor it through mystery shopping and periodic brand guardian visits to train and educate staff.

3. Promotion

Having a robust marketing plan not only drives the bottom line through up-selling but gives the customer assurance that the outlet is a forward thinking, consumer centric organisation that is staying abreast of food and drink innovations. We often write annual marketing plans for our customers taking into account, local competition, seasonality and current market trends.

What we can provide

  • Brand Manual – A comprehensive manual of the whole concept, tailored to your operation, including; best practice guides, planograms, ordering and stocking protocol as well as all drinks recipes and ‘how too’ guides and cleaning regimens.
  • Brand Standards – The first job of our brand champion team is to work with you to produce your very own brand standard. This gets documented and forms a key part in the brand manual and becomes the back bone of the whole operation.
  • Brand Monitoring – Through regular mystery shopper visits and periodic visits from our Brand Champion Team, the standard of the whole coffee shop will be monitored and assessed in-line with the documented brand standards and reported back to your Senior Management Team.

Want to find out more?

Contact the team today to discuss how we can help your business and request for an example of our Brand Manual to be sent to you.

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