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Starting from £14,000: A Commercial Espresso Machine Inspired by Motorcycles, Innovated by Champions, built by Sanremo

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About the Café Racer

This impressive traditional coffee machine by Sanremo offers the complete package of functionalities and, as a bonus, it’s part of their energy efficient range of commercial espresso machines.

Inspired by the style of a motorcycle, the unique design of the Cafe Racer commercial espresso machine makes it the perfect addition to any space. Meanwhile, its advanced temperature and water volume control allows you to craft high volumes of exceptional espresso at an unbeatable pace.

A highly customisable commercial espresso machine with advanced technical abilities and the looks to match, the Cafe Racer has a dashboard on each group head with an interface which allows baristas of any skill level to deliver high quality results every time. There are over 20 variations of this traditional coffee machine available to order, so you’re guaranteed that there is a design to match your brand!

View our Complete User Guide for the Café Racer.

Download Cafe Racer Technical Specification

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Ready to try the Cafe Racer?

We understand that selecting the right coffee machine for your business is essential to producing high quality coffee for your customers. If you're interested in finding out more about the Cafe Racer and giving it a try, get in touch and book a visit to our showroom.

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Not every situation is the same. Our pricing for the Sanremo Racer can vary drastically depending on a number of factors including the fit and finish, type of wholesale agreement, the volumes of coffee supplied, service requirements and the scale of the operation. Learn more about our pricing below.

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