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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

Coffee grinders come in all shapes and sizes, with many factors to consider during your research. If you’re setting up a coffee shop, you’ll want to dedicate a good portion of your budget to your coffee grinder(s). A common piece of advice you might have heard is that the best coffee machine in the world will not be able to make good coffee with a low-quality coffee grinder. On the other hand, a cheaper domestic espresso machine can create high quality drinks when paired with a great grinder.

So, with lots to keep in mind as you look for a quality coffee grinder for your café, this article contains our top recommendations for coffee grinders that we think you’ll love. As a  quick disclaimer, we sell all of these grinders and therefore might be biased towards them. Keep that in mind and make sure to research grinders from other manufacturers. Let’s dive in…

1 . Mahlkonig E65S (Grind by Weight), from £1,780

Our current favourite grinder to use in our Cardiff showroom, the Grind-By-Weight iteration of the E65S espresso-focused grinder by Mahlkonig takes all of the guess work out of dialling in your coffee recipe.

With a built in scale, the grinder accurately dispenses the exact coffee dose you need for your dialled in espresso ratio rather than relying on a timer. Having the scale built in also reduces a step in the Barista’s workflow, as they will often have an external weighing scale to ensure the grinder has dosed the right amount of coffee e.g. 18 grams. The grind-by-weight feature also means that when you’re adjusting grind size, you’ll still get the correct coffee dose in the portafilter.

Additional Features:

  • Premium Grinding Profile
  • Innovative Icon Menu
  • Up to 6 Recipes Programmable
  • Multi-functional Turn and Push Button
  • Slim Corpus with Modern Design
  • Quiet grinding
  • Quick, Stepless and Single-Handed Grind Adjustment
  • Adjustable and Removable Spout
  • Bean Hopper with Enhanced Durability
  • Universal, Robust Portafilter Holder

2 . Victoria Arduino Mythos One

A popular choice for the specialty coffee shop, the Mythos One is instantly recognisable to any seasoned barista. With built-in temperature sensors, heating and fans, the espresso-focused Mythos One maintains a precise temperature so as to not affect grind consistency during periods of heavy use.

The Mythos One boasts large 75mm titanium flat burrs which produce fluffy and uniform coffee grounds allowing high extractions from all coffees, and making it well suited to the medium and light roast coffees served by specialty coffee shops.

Making use of a grind-by-time system, the Mythos One does require an additional set of weighing scales for those looking to serve consistently high-quality coffee. However, we have found that the grind-by-time mode on the Mythos is incredibly consistent, and there is a manual grind feature that allows you to top up to the required dose as-needed.

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3 . Mahlkonig EK43

The EK43 stands out in this list as the only non-espresso focused grinder. One which you’ll probably find in the majority of modern specialty coffee shops.

The EK43 is designed to grind large batches of coffee at once, typically for a batch brewer or to grind a full 250g bag of retail coffee for a customer. With a large hopper, fast grind speed, powerful motor, big flat burrs and a bag knocker, everything about the EK is designed for grinding lots of coffee, quickly.

That being said, many coffee shops also use their EK43 as an additional espresso grinder either for a decaf or guest espresso thanks to its wide range of possible grind sizes and excellent, uniform grind consistency. Though the workflow when grinding for espresso is not the most desirable.

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4 . Sanremo SR70

The Sanremo SR70 coffee grinder is a dependable and versatile option suitable for a variety of businesses. Boasting 64mm flat burrs, the SR70 is an easy to adjust grinder that brews great espresso and excels in simplicity.

Customisation is not a key feature with just a black model available. Howeerm its intuitive touchscreen display, rapid grinding technology, and automatic cooling fan enhance the overall experience, making it an ideal choice for coffee shops with high demand.

Key features:

  • Stepless grind adjustments
  • CapSense Technology
  • Fast Dosing
  • Automatic Cooling Fan
  • Optional Titanium Burrs

5 . Anfim Pratica

This espresso-focused grinder comes with 65mm hardened steel burrs and is great for coffee shops going through 20-25kg of coffee each week. Though, the active cooling fan keeps the motor cool during periods of heavy usage and high volume.

Making use of a grind-by-time output, the Anfim Pratica features up to 6 adjustable programs, and a manual or purge mode which can all be accessed through the clear and easy to use display. The adjustable grounds shoot and portafilter holder make sure that there’s no spillage and the grounds are dispensed evenly into the portafilter.