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MYONE – The Newly Updated Mythos One

  • 75mm titanium burrs
  • Three dose programmes
  • Three operating modes
  • Simplified display with touchscreen buttons
  • 1.5kg bean hopper
  • 2.5-3 grams per second
  • Fixed speed motor
  • 230V – 450W or 115V – 960W power
  • 23.8Kg weight
  • 475mm x 395mm x 195mm
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The updated Mythos One (MYONE) espresso grinder takes coffee grinding to the next level. Designed with the highest level of technology in mind, this next grinder is equipped with multiple smart devices making it a powerful tool for consistently great coffee quality.

Built with innovative Clima Pro Technology, the MYONE includes systems that give every espresso consistent quality. This premium coffee grinder boasts innovative features such as the Clump Crusher System, which ensures dose consistency and regularity in the coffee stream outflow, providing the best extraction quality so you can get the best out of your coffee.

The MYONE is a premium coffee grinder and a stylish addition to any business looking to offer customers the true coffee experience.

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If you're interested in finding out more about the updated Victoria Arduino Mythos One (MYONE), then get in touch with our team! They will be more than happy to arrange a meeting to discuss this premium coffee grinder in more detail.

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