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Do you want to get more creative and experimental with your drinks? We have partnered with Sweetbird, one of the most well-known beverage manufacturers, to offer you a wide range of Syrups, Frappés, Smoothies and Purées to complement and elevate your coffee offering and flavour selections.


There really is a Sweetbird syrup for every customer and season, with over 50 delicious syrups in six varieties: Classic, Creative, Fruit, Iced Tea, Lemonade and Sugar-free, no one will miss out. From traditional flavours like vanilla, butterscotch and caramel to dessert-inspired confections, Sweetbird have mixed creativity with versatility so you can make hot, cold and ice-blended drinks that your customers will love. All of the syrups are approved by The Vegan Society so make the perfect ingredient to use with milk alternatives for hundreds of tasty vegan friendly recipes from lattes to milkshakes and frappes.

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Take a look at a selection of the Syrup Range

  • Caramel (v) Rich and velvety, the caramel flavour is deliciously moreish and versatile. Use it to make the perfect caramel latte, or something more adventurous such as a millionaires frappé..
  • Chocolate (v) The full-bodied chocolate syrup, not too sweet, not too bitter; the perfect fix. Great for adding a chocolate hit to frappés and mochas, and contains real cocoa.
  • Gingerbread (v) We’ve mixed biscuity tones with ginger to create delicious flavour with a pleasingly fiery aftertaste. One of the most popular syrups, gingerbread really comes into its own in the winter holidays, whether used in lattes and white or dark hot chocolates.
  • Watermelon (v) Made with real watermelon juice. The perfect addition to a refreshing, summer, frozen granita or simply add three pumps to sparkling water for a delicious watermelon sparkler. The real watermelon juice gives it a beautiful authentic tropical aroma as soon as the syrup is opened.


From fine Brazilian coffee to West African cocoa, Sweetbirds experts have hand-selected a range of premium ingredients to bring you a frappé range that blends confection with convenience. Available in nine delicious flavours, the blends are easy-to-prepare so you can create luxuriously thick and smooth frappés in minutes. They’re versatile too. Mix the vegan-approved Vanilla Bean or liquid Frappé Base with your own blend of espresso, or take the Yogurt frappé, add ice, milk and any Sweetbird fruit smoothie for a deliciously thick and fruity treat.

Contact us today for a quote and or view a selection of the Frappé range below, you can also request a free sample.

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Take a look at the Frappé Range

  • Caffe (ve) Made with rich Brazilian coffee and a touch of West African cocoa for added sweetness and depth. A consistent tasting coffee frappé perfect for speedy serves without having to pull endless espresso shots. Approved for vegans.
  • Cookies and Cream (v) Sweetbird have taken 12% real cookie crumb paired with real vanilla extract to create this evocative mix. Each drink delivers a malty cookies and cream hit in a cup. Both Cookies & Cream and Sticky Toffee frappés make delicious Happés (hot frappés)
  • Sticky Toffee (v) This unique mix of Brazilian coffee and West African cocoa, made with 11% real British toffee pieces. Demerara sugar is used for a richer taste and that nostalgic buttery flavour customers will love.
  • Yogurt (v) Blend with ice and fresh milk for a quick breakfast frappé. Perfect for a refreshing, unique and light tasting drink.


Flavour-rich and refreshing, every Sweetbird smoothie has been specially blended by experts using real fruit and juice. Smoothies can allow you to create a wider variety of mouth-watering flavours; every one packed with depth and zing, these are a treat for taste buds. Easy to store and even easier to make, no fruit to wash, peel or waste, just 100% convenience in a carton. Simply pour over ice and blend for delicious smoothies every time. This range will also perfectly complement the frappé and purées, so you can get inventive with your menu by making your own, refreshingly different smoothies.

Contact us today for a quote and take a browse at the selective Smoothie range below, you can also request a free sample.

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Take a look at the Smoothie Range

  • Lemon It’s the real lemon juice in this smoothie that gives it such a sharp freshly squeezed taste. Use it to make classic lemonade with sparkling water, add raspberry syrup for gorgeously fruity pink lemonade, or make as a simple smoothie for extra refreshment when the weather is hot.
  • Raspberry & Blackcurrant Rich, berry tones make up this summer berry flavour, made with real raspberries and blackcurrants giving it the perfect balance of sharp and sweet.
  • Mango This smoothie is packed with all the fragrance and taste of tropical mango. Sweet, delicious and made with real mangoes, this classic should be first on your ice-blended menu.
  • Strawberry Plump, ripe succulent strawberries are used to make our versatile strawberry smoothie. Blend with just ice and a splash of water, the tang of strawberries hits the taste buds on first sip. Or combine with our Vanilla Bean or Yogurt frappé for creamy summer drinks.




Versatile and bursting with real fruit, Sweetbird have created a range of purées so you can make dozens of drinks in an instant. They are simply perfect for creating super-speedy shakes, sodas, cocktails, mocktails, and smoothies too. Available in five, vegan-approved flavours they are deliciously rich and thick. These purées are also wonderful for drizzling over drinks for that handcrafted finish and final touch. This range is made for ambient storage, so you can stock up your shelves without filling up your fridge.

Contact us today for a quote and take a browse at the selective Purée range below, you can also request a free sample.

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Take a look at the Purée Range

  • Banana This banana purée is made with real bananas and very little else! It can be used as the perfect go-to ingredient for a banana milkshake or even use it to make your favourite frappé such as sticky toffee for a banoffee treat. This purée also really elevates any kind of smoothie!
  • Strawberry With succulent strawberries being packed into this purée, only a small amount is required to create those classic smoothies and milkshakes. For a vegan friendly milkshake just use the non-dairy Vanilla Bean frappé and a milk alternative of your choice.
  • Raspberry These red berries create the perfect essential flavour combination of sweet yet sharp. The raspberry purée is loaded with real raspberries, creating scrumptious milkshakes and can add a wonderful berry boost to hot chocolates, smoothies, sodas and frappés.
  • Passionfruit This passionfruit purée is bursting with real fruit, adding a punch of flavour to everything it goes into. A favourite is a real simple soda, just two pumps with sparkling water for a refreshing, a winning drink!


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