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Fetco are the pioneers of high-quality batch brewing equipment and renowned as the manufacturers of the best filter coffee machines in the UK. Their commercial filter coffee machines provide unrivalled build quality, precision control, ease of use and great quality coffee.

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CBS 2121A

The Fetco Zurich, is a 0.5 gallon pour-over Coffee Brewer, which comes complete with two glass carafe’s. It’s the best filter coffee machine solution for small-medium restaurants, cafes, offices, and other venues serving limited amounts of coffee. Depending on your requirements, the 2121A Coffee Brewer can brew both full and half batches.

The 2121A has simple to operate touch screen controls and an easy access on/off switch located at the front of the machine. It’s clever self-adjusting temperature-limiting technology ensures that the warmers do not overheat which, helps you save energy and maintain the perfect coffee temperature until serving. For automatic operation, the brewer will need to be permanently attached to the water supply main and programmed to automatic mode. No plumbing is required for the pour over option.

The Zurich series of commercial filter coffee machines has another similar model which is equipped to brew into thermal carafes, also called the 2121A.

CBS-2131XTS and CBS-2132XTS

The CBS-2131 XTS Touchscreen Series is a Single Station 3 Litre Coffee Brewer suitable for specialty coffee shops and small offices. The intuitive touchscreen makes the commercial filter coffee machine simple to use and gives you complete control over the entire brewing process, including water temperature, brew time and water volume. This is the best filter coffee machine if you want to master the best recipe for your coffee.

The fitted Cascading Spray Dome saturates the coffee bed evenly, ensuring that the coffee extracts at a consistent level every time and maintains its taste. Another handy feature of this commercial filter coffee machine is the option to duplicate batch profiles and parameters on a single machine or across an unlimited number of brewers via a removable SD card.

Fetco Coffee Brewers CBS 2131XTS

CBS-2141XTS and CBS-2142XTS

The Single Station 4 litre CBS-2141 XTS Touchscreen Series Airpot Coffee Brewer is best filter coffee machine for specialty coffee shops, hotels, restaurants or medium-sized offices. The inviting touchscreen interface display of the multifunctional Extractor Brewing System is intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate, and provides you with total control of the commercial filter coffee machine.

From temperature of water to time of the brew and water volume, the Extractor gives you full control of the entire brewing process allowing you to create the best brewing recipe for your coffee. The 2141 filter coffee machine comes fitted with the new Cascading Spray Dome patented spray head which delivers uniform saturation of the coffee bed, allowing your coffee to extract evenly for a tastier cuppa.

Duplicate batch profiles and parameters to and from any of the batch buttons on a single commercial filter coffee machine or copy the information to an unlimited number of brewers using a removable SD card.

Fetco Coffee Brewers CBS 2141XTS

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