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Our Hospitality Recovery Series has been created to help get the Industry Back to Business

We all know the hospitality industry has been badly affected by the Covid-19 crisis, which is why we want to help. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing videos, checklists and guides to offer our advice on re-opening. You can view the videos and download the content below – we hope you find our series useful.

PART 1 | Free SCA Barista Training

We are offering £10,000 of SCA Barista Training Completely Free of Charge to help Hospitality Companies train their staff (even those on Furlough) ready for opening this Summer. We have 30 Courses Available to offer and these can either be held at our London or Cardiff Showroom. You can find out more details and submit your interest below.

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PART 2 | Getting your Business Up and Running Again

In Part Two of our Hospitality Recovery Series, our Account Manager Dwayne Marsh will be covering how you can get your business up and running again post lockdown. In this video Dwayne will cover some of the key areas to consider to adjust to the new normal, recover and thrive again. Watch the full video and download our checklist below.

Watch Video and Download Checklist

PART 3 | Recreating the Customer Experience and Building Trust

Understanding customers’ needs and expectations is now more important than ever to build trust, promote safety and ensure a smooth transition back to normality. Our downloadable guide will cover the key actions you need to consider when thinking about welcoming your customers back.

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PART 4 | Creating a Safe, Clean and Stress Free Environment

When the hospitality industry re-opens again, each business will need to take every precaution and ensure both employees and customers are following proper hygienic procedures. Our downloadable guide explains how you can help create that safe, clean and stress free environment.

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PART 5 | Reintroducing the Workforce and Adapting to New Routines

Your workforce is a huge part of how your business operates and making sure their return to work is as smooth as possible is imperative. Our guide covers some key considerations for reintroducing your workforce and shares ways on how to adapt to new routines as a team.

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PART 6 | Introducing Technology to Increase Business and Promote Safety

Introducing technology to your business can really help to increase business and promote safety. Our guide will cover all you need to know to ensure you’re equipped with the right technology to re-open.

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PART 7 | Using Creativity, Innovation and Design to Attract Customers

Now is the perfect opportunity to offer new menu items, drinks, re-jig the seating plan, add a hint of design and be creative with loyalty schemes and promotions. In the final part of series, our guide shares all you need to know about attracting customers when you re-open.

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