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Single serve pourover coffee at the push of a button, featuring intuitive time and volume controls with incredible temperature stability for that perfectly consistent cup every time.

Incredible pourover coffee without the time investment and inconsistency of a manual brew

Compatible with most manual pourover brewers including the Hario V60, 8-cup Chemex, Kalita Wave, Orea

  • Power 2.4kw
  • Immediate draw off 4L
  • Ready in 25 minutes
  • 25 (180ml) Cups per Hour
  • 4.5kg (head) + 14.1kg (boiler)
  • 191 x 131 x 420mm Head
  • 395 x 155 x 565mm boiler
  • Available in single or twin setup
  • White / Black

Together with the hidden under-counter boiler, achieve highly consistent brew temperatures for consistent, quality automated pourover.

Discover the SP9 System

Temperature Stability Powered by an Under-Counter Boiler

The SP9 draws hot water from the hidden boiler underneath the counter. The boiler recirculates the water until it reaches the perfect temperature to consistently deliver a repeatable level of extraction for your single serve coffee.

Featuring two outlets for a twin brewer or SP9 +Water font setup.

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