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Cold Brew coffee in a fraction of the time. Discover the ColdBRU: An innovative solution for zero-mess, fresh cold brew coffee instantly dispensed at the press of a button.

Introducing ColdBRU: Enjoy coffee concentrate in just 3 hours!

No need to wet or stir the coffee grounds beforehand. Simply set your desired output, and within 3 hours, you’ll have a delicious coffee concentrate ready to go.

With the Marco ColdBRU concentrate brewer, you can get an average 30% more coffee from the same amount of grounds compared to the leading competitor. This means less wasted coffee and more to sell!

  • Average 19% extraction and 4% TDS.
  • No-mess design with metal filter.
  • Brew up to 10 litres.
  • Input and save custom recipes.

Together with the POUR’D dispensary system, the ColdBRU allows you or the customer to serve delicious cold brew at the press of a button. With three options available including hot or cold, concentrated coffee and syrup based beverages in a neat and compact system.

Discover the ColdBRU System

The Ultimate Cold Brew Package

Introducing POUR’D 3 Button Concentrate: The quickest, easiest, and most flexible solution for cold beverages. The ideal dispensing solution for the ColdBRU.

Compatible with any syrup or concentrate coffee source, it offers programmability for three beverage sizes. Plus, it allows the option to add a separate hot or cold water source. Enjoy a range of delightful beverages with POUR’D:

  • Cold coffee from concentrate (up to 3 sizes)
  • Shot of coffee concentrate
  • Either hot or cold water
  • Syrup based beverages such as lemonades or iced-teas.

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