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Our passion for coffee started over 30 years ago, with a desire to help spread the importance and knowledge of what truly great coffee should taste and look like. From all our years of experience, sourcing, roasting, blending and making the ultimate coffees, we know what it takes to make a great In-Cup Experience, and unsurprisingly, it starts with speciality coffee, but it does not end there.

The four main ingredients to create a great In-Cup Experience are:

  • Exceptional coffee, expertly roasted
  • Highly trained baristas
  • The right coffee equipment
  • Regular servicing and maintenance

Exceptional coffee, expertly roasted

Our speciality coffee is a product of extensive care and dedication by the farmers who grow it and our in-house roasters who carefully roast & blend it to perfection. Working closely with our chosen farms, we’re able to create speciality coffee that is 100% traceable to take you on a journey back to the farms where the beans are grown. To be able to efficiently do this, we minimise our interference with the beans so that their natural flavours are still prominent. Consequently, we’re able to let the beans tell their own story of heritage. And that’s only the start.

Highly Trained Baristas

 To pull the perfect espresso, it’s essential to have a highly trained barista who is not only passionate about coffee, but understands its art-form and the equipment they’re using. When all these components are fully understood, any barista can take their espresso making techniques to the next level and create consistently great espressos and latte art every time. Not only does it give baristas the confidence to pull countless drinks, but it also gives your business more credibility and trust that every coffee will not disappoint.

The Right Equipment

But a barista will struggle to create exceptional espressos if they don’t have the right equipment. For any business, it can be daunting having to choose the best equipment out of a vast array of professional machines. After all, which is best for your specific volumes, staff knowledge, and customer demands? And how can you ensure the perfect espresso, time after time? At Bridge Coffee Roasters, we understand how to dissect a business’ needs to find the most suitable equipment. When paired with a highly trained barista, each espresso will always be just as good as the last.

Regular Service and Maintenance

And to make sure the equipment is always in tip top condition, we have a team of engineers on hand to provide the much needed regular service and maintenance.

The perfect In Cup Experience starts off with exceptional coffee beans, but also includes the right equipment, a highly trained barista, and regular equipment maintenance to get consistently great coffee. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of coffee to make sure all these ingredients are in place.

And why do we do this? For the love of coffee, of course.

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