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The Rise of Coffee

Coffee is among the one of world’s most widely traded commodities today. The UK coffee Industry operates using a value chain approach to its business activities. From supplier to distributer, value is added at each step of the journey towards a finished product. According to the British Coffee association, the UK “drinks approximately 70 million cups of coffee a day and for an average cup of coffee consumed, up to 76% of its value is produced in the UK”. Great coffee starts from quality beans but that is only the beginning. Roasting, barista expertise and brew methods are also integral to producing a great coffee. Value as well as excellence added along the way.

The Third Wave of Coffee

Coffee is now on its third wave. The first and second waves saw coffee become widely available with a growing expectation of better quality coffee via a more sustainable and ethical supply process. Moving on to the third wave, every stage of the supply chain impacts on the excellence of achieving that luxurious brew.

Tetsu Kasuya, World Brewers Cup Champion 2016 says “Thanks to direct trade, we baristas and roasters can tell consumers the stories behind the coffee beans.” ( Being able to share the history behind the coffee can help consumers to understand all the hard work and effort that went into making premium coffee superior and in turn, justifies the higher price point that people happily pay.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Today’s coffee consumers are now familiar with wanting a higher calibre experience and anything less will not do. Previously coffee quality in the UK hospitality industry might have felt like an afterthought compared to the general standard of food and drinks on offer. But now this sector is having to ‘wake up and smell the coffee!’ moment. Many restaurants and bars are beginning to improve their coffee offering with higher quality coffees as they’re starting to see potential in the coffee industry within hospitality. With more bars offering breakfast and brunch, hospitality outlets are going to have to offer quality coffee in order to compete and attract customers. Restaurants are also understanding the importance of serving a quality beverage, especially when it is a common end to a meal and should be an enjoyable, lasting experience. Staff in the hospitality industry are now being trained to speak confidently to diners about the subtleties of flavours in their restaurant’s coffee, like a sommelier would about wine.

Quality Coffee Improves the Perception of the Hotel

Hotels are no different. Customers understand more about speciality coffee than ever before and the idea of staying in a five-star hotel, without a five-star coffee to match, is incomprehensible. Research has shown that 75% of hotel guests find in room coffee poor or average, with 30% saying this would not encourage them to return. Another poll has found that 57% of consumers say quality coffee offering improves their perception of the hotel. Powerful statistics like these cannot be ignored and hotel chains are mindful to keep focus on this developing trend. Some business savvy hotel chains have installed capsule machines within the hotel room, but another new initiative may be the solution. Not only do guests want a variety of different coffee styles, but they also want coffees of different origin and different roasts. With the development of luxury coffee bags, hotels can meet this need by offering a range of artisan coffees in bags from all over the world, giving the client choice and a personal selection, setting themselves apart. Or even installing their very own coffee shop.

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