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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

At Bridge Coffee Roasters, we get a lot of new visitors to our website who are searching for more information on Eversys coffee machines.  

Once they see the price for the first time, they’re often shocked by the number they see and ask ‘Why is the price for Eversys coffee machines so high?’. And it’s a fair question! For just the most entry level machine, the Eversys Cameo, you can expect a recommended retail price of around £20k for the most basic model. With that money, you could instead buy some of the most premium and high-performing traditional espresso machines and still have plenty left over to spend on a coffee grinder and additional accessories. 

 So, in this article, we’ll provide more clarity around the pricing for the entire line of Eversys coffee machines and tackle the question, what makes their espresso machines so expensive?

How Much do Eversys Coffee Machines Cost?  

Coffee machines from Eversys vary in price drastically across their wide line-up of machines under their Cameo, Enigma and Shotmaster ranges, each with a host of different models and optional extras.  

The options are widespread but, in general, Eversys coffee machines currently range in price from anywhere between £20k for the most basic, entry level Eversys Cameo to £57k for the top-end E’6M/Classic Enigma models.  

Many people can be shocked by these numbers, especially with no prior preconceptions as to the price of wholesale coffee in general. So, let’s dive into exactly what you’re paying for with the cost of an Eversys coffee machine.

Here’s what you’re paying for with Eversys...

Consistency and Self-Calibration (ETC) 

By far the most standout feature of the full Eversys coffee machine lineup, which may make them more desirable over a traditional espresso machine, is the implementation of software and technologies focused on upholding consistency and quality. Through calibrating the parameters of the espresso to a dialled in recipe and extraction time, the Eversys machines allow anyone to brew incredibly consistent coffee. 

This is achieved through their Extraction Time Control (ETC) system, that monitors each espresso shot by brew time and makes changes via grind size to achieve the desired recipe. The recipe is first uploaded during the installation or designed by a barista, with the machines allowing precise control over dose, shot volume, temperature, puck thickness, pressure and flow rate to achieve high levels of quality for any coffee. 

The ETC system is arguably the reason Eversys have gained so much traction in the industry and the reason why they are standing out amongst the competition in the bean-to-cup category. The system allows anyone to brew great coffee with an Eversys machine, meaning businesses do not have to rely on trained baristas to brew delicious espresso drinks. For this, you can expect to pay a premium. 

Premium Automatic Milk Steaming 

In addition to the ETC system, Eversys have also removed any issues in quality and consistency during the second half of serving coffee; steaming milk. Manually steaming milk is a skill that takes time to develop, and many businesses struggle with maintaining well-trained staff over long periods of time. Eversys offer three solutions for aiding in the milk steaming process, each incurring additional costs compared to the manual steam wands found on traditional machines.  

1-Step: Steamed and textured milk is added straight into the cup during the espresso extraction. Removes the chance of adding latte art, but drastically increases speed and ease of use. 

1.5-Step: Steamed milk is automatically dispensed into a pitcher for the user to then pour into the cup, enabling latte art and improving consistency in the quality of milk. 

2-Step: A more traditional steam wand experience allowing a barista to show off their skill. Can be used to steam milk manually or automatically with their Everfoam technology. 

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Reliability, Cleaning and Maintenance

Eversys machines are built to withstand high order volumes in commercial settings, being able to brew between 175 to 525 shots of espresso every hour, depending on the model. They’re also built to be incredibly reliable requiring minimal maintenance and servicing.

Our service & maintenance team see issues with Eversys machines very rarely compared to other bean-to-cup machines, thanks to the quality of build materials and technology. Bean-to-cup machines are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning, and Eversys have completely removed this from the equation with automatic cleaning cycles and monitoring. Compared to many bean-to-cup machines that are prone to overheating and breakdowns, this is another unique selling feature of the Eversys range that you’re investing in.


Built-in Grinders

With traditional espresso machines, you’ll have to save a good portion of your budget for a coffee grinder. With Eversys machines, these are included in the final cost and come installed inside the housing. All Eversys machines come with two ceramic grinders, allowing you to save on the additional costs of external grinders and brew two unique coffees at once.



Eversys espresso machines are installed with a suite of software and connectivity features to manage performance, facilitate logistics and stocktaking, and manage maintenance requirements; e’Connect, e’Connect API and e’API. Payment extensions and vending features also allow fully remote control over the machine for integration within vending machines and self-service, something not possible when selecting traditional espresso machines.

So, are Eversys Coffee Machines Worth your Investment?

That decision is ultimately up to you, your needs and your budget. At the end of the day, you can make incredible coffee with a cheap domestic grinder and a £5 plastic pourover set, as long as you know what’re doing. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate bean-to-cup coffee machine that can significantly improve the quality and consistency of your coffee without needing skilled, experienced barista, then there is no better in the industry than Eversys.

This article, which detailed some of the prices you can expect and what you get for your money, has hopefully given you enough information to answer this question yourself.

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