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What part will coffee play in your growth strategy?

Insight from Kantar shows that Out of Home is in fast recovery for the 4th consecutive quarter, with coffee listed as one of the fastest growing categories alongside soft drinks and ice cream.

Coffee shops, bakeries and full-service restaurants are cited as dependents for OOH recovery to pre-pandemic levels, and with data showing that the rise in costs is impacting in-house, these things combined provide a great opportunity to harness this growth to positively impact your own.

How can coffee be used to help aid growth in OOH settings?

1. Café solutions

If it is suitable and practical to do so it is worth providing a coffee shop solution where customers can order refreshments. From coffee to soft drinks, cakes to biscuits impulse purchases saw quick recovery post pandemic and it can be the perfect way to increase overall spend per visit.

2. Coffee on the go

With impulse purchases bouncing back quickly post pandemic F2G is another area to explore. Whether it be a takeaway service from a main café counter or, a vending machine it provides an alternative and/or additional way to fuel growth that can be supported through sourcing wholesale coffee.

3. Retail ready ranges

If café solutions and F2G doesn’t fit with your operating model but, you do have retail shelf space why not explore retail ready ranges from coffee roasters. With the development of flavours, packaging and pricing complete it allows you to expand your product lines quickly and efficiently in a fast-growing category.

All of these options not only allow you to expand or, provide your customers with a new offering, but it will also support an increase in spend per visit.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be in the coffee business for over 30 years and would love to help you make the most of the growth in this category. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch.

Source –, OOH recovery drives 8% boost in spend on snacks and drink

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