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Grant Mitchell

Business Development

One of the unexpected effects of this strange year has been that it has catapulted parts of society forward in time.

Some office-based businesses, having adopted home-working, have realised, years before they might have done, that the expense of city-centre offices may be unnecessary. Online teaching has rocketed, as have virtual medical consultations and business meetings, and the rise of online shopping is speeding the transformation of our high streets. Another change which has surged ahead at breakneck speed is the rise of contactless shopping. Over the last decade or so, buying goods with the wave of a card, or even a phone or a watch, has become relatively commonplace and now, it is almost universal.

For the coffee industry, this was not such a dramatic leap, as there had already been a number of coffee shops who were operating on a cashless basis. Many businesses had also moved into fitting highest quality automatic bean to cup coffee machines, like the Eversys Cameo which we supply, which not only creates perfect coffee and milk but also now takes contactless payment.

Why would these coffee shops and catering trade businesses have taken this leap so long before it became a matter of dire necessity? Nobody survives in the coffee or catering industries by making reckless decisions and such a drastic change has to have some real advantages to offer.

Modern, higher end, bean to cup coffee machines mean that a consistently high-quality drink can be provided, and barista quality coffee can be available in high footfall locations. Though these machines aren’t as large as the ones you see in some coffee shops, their quality and adaptability is just as impressive, providing the shots and textured milk required for the majority of espresso-based drinks.

Machines like the Eversys Cameo and the Schaerer Coffee Club mobile connectivity for contactless operation to make the process of buying a coffee as simple as possible and take away the need for using cash. Their size, versatility, practicality, and quality make them ideal for almost any situation such as cafes, restaurants, offices, staffrooms, and exhibition and sport venues. Essentially, if your customers want premium coffee, these machines in combination with their contactless payment capability, are powerful tools for taking advantage of that potential business.

The alternative payment capability of these machines means that they also take full advantage of the very best parts of the growing cashless economy. Going cashless really does look like a “transformational business solution” which lives up the hype. It seems to offer a wish list for anybody in the trade:

  • Faster Customer Service
  • Negligible Cashing Up Procedures
  • Greater Covid-19 Safety

Clearly, going cashless isn’t an instantaneous process and it does take planning: the kind of planning which we are experienced supporting. Many businesses are celebrating the success which they have had in making the switch from handling cash to accepting card, mobile, or app payment only.

Cashing Up

With these machines and with the decision to go cashless comes a range of very real benefits to your business. The cashing-up procedure is simpler and faster, which frees up staff to be able to be more productive and useful elsewhere. The number of mistakes which are made, and can be made, is reduced and this means that lengthy and repeated efforts to track down discrepancies are reduced too. In lost working hours, cash-based transactions and tills had been an active drain on turn-over, but the change to cash-less slashes these costs.

Faster Customer Service

For the customer, things become simplified and easier too. Electronic payment in its various forms: using their phone, watch or card, takes away the need to hunt for money in pockets, wallets, purses and bags. This delay frustrates the customer and can cause queues to form, to the annoyance of other customers and potentially turning customers away or reducing their spend.

Greater Covid-19 Safety

It barely needs mentioning that the main reason for the sudden and explosive growth of the contactless economy is the current pandemic. It reduces the need for physical contact and this in turn helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 and this lowers the risk to customers and staff. Additionally, The Eversys and Schaerer Machines have robust cleaning processes, and these ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned, further minimising  the risk to staff and customers.

As you can see, there are many advantages to embracing the idea of contactless coffee, and now may be the perfect moment to make the leap. If you need advice on how to make the change, how to plan it and what equipment you will need, why not get in touch with us? We have the experience and the solutions which can help you make a smooth and successful transition.

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