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Jack Merriman

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Eversys coffee machines are relatively new to the industry, first making their mark in the world of automatic coffee machines back in 2009. They continue to be the front runners in the automatic, bean-to-cup coffee machine category, thanks to their industry leading automation and barista-replacing brewing capabilities. As a result, the Eversys line is very expensive compared to the rest of the industry, for good reason. Learn more ->  Here’s Why Eversys Coffee Machines are So Expensive.

Before we continue and put the best Eversys coffee machines head-to-head, let’s address the elephant in the room: We’re one of Eversys’ largest partners and machine suppliers in the UK. We know what we’re talking about, but you’re probably a little sceptical that this best-of list is totally unbiased. To put you at ease, we’re in the business of educating customers, not selling machines that aren’t fit for your needs.

The Eversys Range is vast, with a large number of optional extras and small varitions between sub-categories, but the base models come in three variations: the Cameo, Enigma and Shotmaster. If you get to the end of this article and still aren’t sure if Eversys is right for you, why not compare Compare all coffee machines?

The Best Value – Eversys Cameo C2 RRP £22,000

There’s no hiding the fact that Eversys machines are very expensive, far exceeding the average price of a typical bean-to-cup machine like those from Schaerer. It makes sense, then, that those buying into the Eversys range typically look at the most affordable option, the Eversys Cameo, to get their foot in the door into the world of quality automatic coffee machines.

In our minds, the Cameo stands out as the best value for money in the Eversys range, offering the same ETC control system and repeatability over the coffee quality, same automated milk steaming, and the same reliable cleaning and maintenance monitoring at a significantly lower price point.

  • e’Foam with Micro Air Dosing System
  • Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) System
  • Two 1.2kg Bean Hoppers
  • Bean Hopper Lock and Level Alert
  • Two Milk Types (Dual Milk)
  • 1.5 Step (Milk Arm)
  • Cold Milk Foam
  • c’Fridge
  • High Tea Outlet (200mm)
  • PowerPlus 5.6kW Steam Boiler Power
  • Cup Centering Guide

So, what corners does the Cameo cut to be the cheapest in the lineup? The main drawback with the Cameo compared to the models listed below are that of volume and simultaneous drink dispensing. The cameo is suited for 175 drinks per hour, and up to two drinks brewed at any one time. This volume is absolutely enough for many applications, including medium to low volume cafes, restaurants, bars and leisure, but pales in comparison to the other models in the lineup.

Learn more -> Read our full review of the Cameo C2 by Eversys

Best for the Food Industry – Eversys Shotmaster RRP £29,000 

If you’re a coffee nerd like me and often look behind the bar to scope what machines are being used when buying lunch or breakfast on the go, you may have noticed a new player in the game: the Eversys Shotmaster. Having actually been released back in 2014, the Shotmaster has continually updated and reconfigured and is now being swept up by the food service industry, most notably Leon and Blank Street Coffee amongst others.

  • Produces 350 Espressos per Hour
  • Can produce 4 products at the same time
  • Includes Steam Wand with Everfoam
  • 2x 1.5 Step (option)
  • 560 x 743 x 650 mm

The Shotmaster lives up to its name, capable of producing 4 espresso shots at any one time, and up to 350 coffee drinks per hour. Overkill, for most business. But for the food service industry, where speed and repeatability are key, the Eversys Shotmaster spares no expense.

Learn more about the Shotmaster in action -> LEON Service Station Coffee: Here’s Why it’s Actually Pretty Good

The Most Expensive Eversys Machine – E’6 Enigma Classic RRP £62,500

The title sums it up nicely, this one comes with all the bells and whistles. Introduced in 2020, the Enigma line came as an upgrade to the existing E line of coffee machines and pushed capacity, speed and quality even further.

  • Produces 525 Espressos per Hour
  • Can produce 6 products at the same time
  • Includes Steam Wand with Everfoam
  • 2x 1.5 Step (option)
  • 840 x 743 x 600 mm

Capable of producing 525 espresso shots per hour and up to 6 products at any given time, the e’6 version of the Enigma line from Eversys starts at a hefty £62,500. Under the hood, it is essentially the combination of an E’4m/Classic and an E’2ct/Classic, making it a high-volume and impressively capable automatic coffee machine.

Eversys Coffee Machines Compared

Finally, let’s take a quick look at how these three lines of Eversys machines compare to each-other.

Eversys Cameo vs Shotmaster

The Eversys Cameo, priced at £22,000, balances affordability and quality, suitable for medium to low volume establishments. Meanwhile, the Eversys Shotmaster targets the food service industry with its speed and the ability to produce four espresso shots at once, ideal for high-speed coffee production.

Eversys Shotmaster vs Enigma

The Eversys Shotmaster is known for its speed and efficiency, capable of producing four espresso shots simultaneously and handling up to 350 coffee drinks per hour. In contrast, the E’6 Enigma Classic, starting at £62,500, offers premium capacity, producing 525 espresso shots per hour, and is designed for high-volume operations.

Eversys Enigma vs Cameo

The Eversys Cameo, priced at £22,000, provides affordability and value, suitable for medium to low volume establishments. On the other hand, the E’6 Enigma Classic, with a higher price tag, is tailored for high-volume coffee operations, offering exceptional capacity, speed, and quality.

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