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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

The Cameo is a premium automatic coffee machine produced by Swiss manufacturer Eversys in 2017, serving as the smallest iteration of their ‘super-automatic’ espresso machines. Despite being six years old, the Cameo and wider Eversys product line continue to stand out in the market as industry leaders.

When I asked Coffee Youtuber and Author James Hoffmann about Eversys and its direct competitors, he said: “No one is close. It’s so weird… I don’t think anyone else is a contender in that segment of the industry”. Whilst Eversys may largely be in a category of their own when it comes to super-automatic coffee machines, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Cameo is right for you.

Here at Bridge Coffee Roasters, we know that there is no ‘perfect’ coffee machine, and the last thing we want is for you to experience buyer’s remorse. If you’re currently researching the Eversys Cameo, you’ll want to know everything there is to know.

So, continue reading to learn all about the Cameo from Eversys, its key features, the user experience, the pros and cons, the associated costs, and who we think it is best suited for.

Eversys Cameo Features

Coffee Brewing

The Cameo can brew two drinks at a time, and up to 175 drinks per hour. Featuring two 1.2kg coffee bean hoppers, the Cameo accommodates two different coffees such as regular + decaf, or a house roast + guest roast experience.

Two ceramic 64mm burrs are housed inside the machine operating quietly in comparison to many traditional coffee grinders, and quickly grinding for a double espresso in around 5 seconds. A 25g brew chamber allows great flexibility when dialling in different coffees, accommodating a wide range of roast profiles and brewing preferences from a updosed Italian-style ristretto, to a modern light roast ‘turbo’ shot.

The defining feature of the Eversys Cameo is the Extraction Time Control (ETC) system, allowing the user to dial in (calibrate) a brew recipe for each drink and coffee which the machine will then replicate every time. Measured by brew time, the system will detect any deviations from the recipe and recalibrate throughout the day via changes in grind size.

The Cameo allows all brew parameters of the recipe to be fully customised by the user including boiler temperature, dose, flow rate, water quantity, pre-infusion and bypass quantity. Furthermore, each grinder and its associated bean hopper can be individually calibrated so that two coffees can be perfectly dialled in to their own recipe.

The Cameo boasts a customisable and automated coffee brewing experience that eliminates the need for a barista to dial in the machine each morning. Together with the milk steaming features, the espresso brewing capabilities of the Cameo allows a wide range of hot drinks to be perfectly crafted every time.

Milk Steaming

 A standout feature of the Cameo that earns its title as a ‘super-traditional’ coffee machine is its range of milk steaming options. From fully automated milk steaming, to assisted steaming and the manual steam wand for perfect latte art, the cameo meets the skill level of the user to help craft perfectly textured milk for a range of drinks.

One step: At the press of a button the Cameo adds textured milk straight into the cup below from behind the group head whilst the coffee is extracted. The milk is stored in a fridge under the counter or next to the machine, and most closely mimics a bean-to-cup style coffee machine.

1.5 step: Using Ever-Foam technology, the Cameo steams milk automatically and dispenses it into a milk pitcher towards the side of the group head whilst coffee is extracted. The milk can be steamed to different textures such as a foamy cappuccino or a thinner flat white and allows the user to pour latte art without having to manually steam the milk.

Two step: Finally, the Cameo boasts a traditional steam wand allowing the user the produce high quality textured milk for silky latte art. The steam wand can be used in three ways; fully manual, manual with the aid of a temperature probe, and fully automatic milk steaming inside the milk pitcher.

The milk steaming modes of the Cameo are impressive and allow each user to select their preference. In testing, we found that the steam wand could get a little loud especially in the two-step fully automatic mode.

We found the best results with the 1.5 step steaming mode due to the simplicity, ease of use and the quality of the milk. The dispensing of the milk felt a little slow compared to the faster traditional steam wand, but was no slower than the time taken for a proper espresso extraction.

Design & Build

The Cameo is the smallest in the Eversys lineup, but is by no means a small machine with dimensions 43x60x57cm. It is significantly larger than most single group head espresso machines, though the difference is negated slightly when you consider the need for an external coffee grinder.

The materials are made up of hard plastics, brushed metals and stainless steel, and weighing in at 60kg, it’s not going anywhere. The Cameo features a removable drip tray that can be connected to a waste disposal line and a space for cup storage easily big enough for 6-8 large latte cups without stacking.

The user mostly interacts with the Cameo via the glass touch screen at the front which is bright and responsive, and separate stop and power buttons either side. The group head is made of hard plastics and metal, and can be raised or lowered to fit a wide range of cup heights. Either side of the group head are the steam wand and the 1.5 step milk dispenser, though the modular design allows for a range of custom options.

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Customisation and Options

Several models are available, all with slightly different names and small differences in the specifications, size and weight. These include the Cameo Core, Cameo Classic, and the Cameo ST, all with a number of different options and feature sets.

We find the naming system to be slightly confusing, so just keep in mind that the Cameo is a partially modular system and that there is likely a model to suit your needs.

The various Eversys Cameo models are available in three main colours including Tempest, Earth, and Ocean. The scope for customisation in fit and finish seems to be limited to the Cameo ST line, which aims to more closely mimic the style and design of a traditional espresso machine.

Additional add-ons are also available which incur further costs, such as the fridge underneath or beside the machine, hot chocolate unit, undercounter grounds disposal, cup heater, bean hopper lock, and additional milk creation options.

System and User Interface 

The menu system is clean and easy to use day-to-day, with a more in-depth menu system available for the calibration of new recipes. The default screen provides room for up to 12 different drink options, with the ability to scroll through pages for additional drinks. The date and time are shown, along with a live brew time that indicates the shot time in seconds.

The different drinks are created at just the press of a button leading to a simple and intuitive day-to-day operation of the machine. For a more involved experience and to dive into the brewing parameters, the user can enter the Beans and Grinder menu and the ETC configuration to individually alter the brew parameters for every drink. 

Furthermore, the Cameo can also be calibrated and controlled remotely by the barista or  support team through its e’Connect, e’Connect API and e’API functions. These allow the machine to send information regarding its service and maintenance requirements, diagnostics and performance to reduce downtime, track KPIs and maintain consistency.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For our deep dive and explainer in the Eversys Cameo’s cleaning routine, go to -> Cleaning the Eversys Cameo, How-To Guide.

Every barista knows that cleanliness is an incredibly important factor in the quality and efficiency of your coffee machine. The Cameo takes responsibility for cleanliness away from the barista, running its own cleaning and rinse cycles along with letting you know when a service is required.

The third hopper at the top of the Cameo stores small cleaning tablets, and the machine can be cycled through a daily cleaning operation at the press of a button, along with automatically purging and rinsing itself throughout the day.

The Cameo is incredibly hands-free when it comes to cleaning and maintenance and removes many of the headaches of using traditional espresso machines.

Who is the Eversys Cameo for?

The features and capabilities of the Eversys Cameo make it the ideal coffee machine for anyone experiencing high staff turnover or inconsistent coffee quality. If you struggle with those issues and are looking for a machine to help alleviate or even solve your problems, this is the machine for you.

After getting to know the Cameo, we feel the machine really shines in small to medium sized cafes or restaurants. Capable of brewing up to 175 coffees every hour, the Cameo will hold up well in most situations and allows a barista to pay more attention to the customer service. The Cameo also functions incredibly well in an office-space, as the staff can brew their own delicious coffees with ease and keeping the machine clean is a walk in the park compared to a traditional espresso machine.


How Much does the Cameo Cost?

The Cameo is on the more affordable range amongst the Eversys line of machines. When considering the capabilities of the machine, its built-in grinders and the time is saves the barista, the long term costs become very attractive.

Pricing for the Eversys Cameo begins at £19,000 for the more affordable C’2CT/Core, and up to £26,000 for the C’2M/Classic.

You may also wish to seek a service and maintenance plan for your machine, and we recommend talking to your wholesale coffee supplier regarding this.

The type of purchase agreement can also affect the total cost of the machine, so make sure you are clued up on the options -> Commercial Coffee Machine Purchase Agreements, Explained.

Is the Eversys Cameo Worth the Money?

We think that decision ultimately lies with you. The Cameo comes with a premium price tag when compared to traditional machines, but for those struggling with staff turnover and unskilled labour, the Cameo will be able to solve a lot of your issues.

By continuing to read this blog post, you’ll have a better understanding of what the machine offers and the kind of price you can expect, and the capabilities of the machine that may save you a great deal of time and even allow you to cut down on staff.

When considering the low running costs, and the price of other traditional espresso machine + coffee grinder options, we think the Eversys Cameo is great value for money.


The Eversys Cameo is a capable coffee machine that feels worlds apart from traditional espresso machines. Taking the hassle out of calibrating your coffee grinder and the daily cleaning rituals, the Cameo line offers a great entry point into delicious coffee for many.

If you’re still unsure and would like to get to know the Cameo in person, consider Visiting our London Showroom.

If you’re witnessing a high staff turnover, lack of coffee training or are having issues with the quality of your coffee, the Eversys Cameo is the machine for you.

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