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In this article and accompanying video we’re taking a look at the M3 version of the PUQPress, which is built for all E65 grinders by Mahlkonig. Looking for a different version of the PUQPress? Compare all of the models here -> All PUQPress Models Compared.

The PUQPress is an automatic tamper, which saves the wrists and elbows of your baristas along with promoting consistency in tamping pressure and creating a perfectly flat bed of coffee every time. So, let’s take a look at the M3 PUQPress.

What’s Different about the M3?

The PUQPress line-up features a number of models split into the standalone models and the M series. The benefit of the M series is that they are designed to fit underneath a wide range of grinders. They won’t be taking up any extra room on your counter and it looks really sleek, fitting perfectly underneath the grinder.

There are two things to think about though if you’re deciding between the standalone or M models. The first thing is price – Obviously you are paying a slight premium for the privilege of having an automatic tamper.

The second consideration is height – The standalone Q models take up a little more lateral space on the counter, but the M series add about 15cm of height to your grinder. If your baristas are already struggling with a high counter, that might be something that you have to consider.

PUQPress M3 Features

So in terms of features, the M3 is identical to the flagship Q2 model. The same goes for all models from the M2 to the M6. The M3 is guaranteed for up to two years by the manufacturer. That’s rated with unlimited tapping as well, so you know you’ll be investing in a capable piece of equipment.

Programme Modes

You get five different tamping profiles on the M3, from P0 up to P4. Those refer to P0 Speedy, P1 Precise, P2 Soft, P3 Hulk, P4 Single tamp.

You can also adjust the tamping force to be anywhere between five and 30 kilos, depending on which mode you’re in. Once your mode and force have been selected, it’s typically a case of ‘set it and forget it’, and you’ll get a reliable tamping experience every time.

Adjusting portafilter height

The M3 holds your portafilter in place using two large forks, to keep it sturdy during tamping. The forks are fully adjustable to fit any size portafilter, and the M3 comes with a tool to help you loosen the bolts before spinning a wheel to raise or lower the forks.

The M3 also comes with a removable plastic base plate to catch any grounds that fall off during tamping, it’s held in place with a couple of small magnets.

Turning on and off the press is really simple with a little switch on the left hand side, and when it’s on, you get little lights underneath the working area so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Changing Programme and Tamp Force

Adjusting the programs is incredibly easy – simply hold down the settings button for 5 seconds and you’ll see the cleaning mode start and then turn back off. You’ll then be shown which mode is currently selected, and you can choose a different profile using the plus or minus buttons. Hit the settings button once again to return to normal.

During normal use the screen will indicate what tamping force is currently selected. Using the plus and minus buttons will let you adjust this.


Is the M3 PUQPress worth it?

Having an automatic tamper sat right underneath your grind up makes workflow incredibly simple. After you have ground your dose of coffee, it takes just a matter of 2-3 seconds to have a perfectly level tamped puck of coffee ready for brewing. The additional benefit of the M3 is that it sits right underneath your E65 grinder for a sleek look and workflow.

What’s more, getting the most out of your PUQPress is simple too. Our two recommended ‘best practices’ are to make sure the actual tamping part of the PUQPress is always clean and free of residue to avoid coffee sticking to the surface. Also make sure to tap your portafilter to level out your bed of coffee before tamping for a nice even surface.

Whether the M3 PUQPress is worth the cost, compared to a manual tamper or even the more affordable standalone Q models, is up to your budget and preferences. Of course, if you have any other grinder than the E65 models by Mahlkonig, you should consider a different PUQPress model.

If you want to trial or buy an M3 for yourself, or you simply have more questions about the M3 PUQPress, we’d be happy to help -> Get in touch.

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