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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

Marco Jet 6L Brewer Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Jet filter coffee brewer by Marco Beverage Systems. It’s a commercial-sized ‘batch brewer’ designed to brew up to 6 litres of filter coffee at any one time, with plenty of customisation options for the user in terms of brew recipes, ratios, dilution percentage and temperatures.


Who is the Marco Jet for?

Being able to brew up to 30 cups worth of coffee at once, with a removable insulated urn featuring a dispensing tap, the JET 6 is perfect for high volume and self-serve outlets such as corporate events, hotel breakfasts, for catering companies, pop-ups – essentially any occasion where large amounts of freshly brewed coffee are needed quickly.


Brewing with the Marco Jet

After powering on the Jet with the switch located underneath the front left side, the Jet will take just a few minutes to get up to brewing temperature.

The Jet comes with three brew programs out of the box – named as breakfast, lunch time and afternoon. These are all fully programmable to get your desired coffee volume, desired brew time and a percentage of dilution if you wish.

Brew Recipe

In the video you’ll see we recommended a brew recipe of 4L using 227 grams of ground coffee. That’s a great recommendation for if you’re buying our pre-ground 227g filter coffee bags from our Roots Collection. However, if you want to grind fresh and measure out the precise amount of coffee, a ratio of 1 part coffee to 17 parts water will serve you nicely.


Using the touch screen you can also adjust the machine brewing temperature, which we’ve set at 94 degrees as a great all-round temperature for medium coffees.

The Jet also features a temperature regulation system that recirculates the brew water above the brewing chamber before being dispensed over the coffee grounds. This lets you achieve perfectly stable temperatures to the degree you’ve selected, making for reliable and repeatable results.

Preparing the Brew

The large brew basket and wave-style paper filters are designed to hold a large batch of coffee (up to 360g), and the basket helps keep the filter in place with a metal catch mechanism. This helps ensure the brew filter doesn’t collapse in on itself during the brew which could lead to grounds and silt in the cup.

One minor complaint here, getting the filter papers properly secured into the brew basket is a little fiddly. Not a huge deal as you’ll eventually get the hang of it, but worth bearing in mind.

As the Jet is connected to the main water line, there’s not a huge amount of set-up needed for your daily brews. Simply load your coffee into your filter and basket, lock it into place at the top of the brewer, and tap your brew recipe to start.

Additional Features

A few extra things to note about the jet is the hot water valve towards the top of the machine, allowing you to dispense almost-boiling water straight into a cup to dilute your coffee or making teas.

The brew basket becomes locked into place during the brew cycle so that it can’t be accidentally removed. This is a nice fail-safe feature to prevent boiling water and coffee grounds from being spilled over the machine and onto the user.

The coffee urns can hold up to 6 litres, and have a tap for immediate dispensing into the cup. These come with stands so that they can be freely moved independently of the machine to wherever coffee is needed. They’re a little pricey though, at £480 for each new urn.

Once your brew has finished, a timer will start on the screen to indicate how long it has been since the brew completed to help you keep track of the freshness of your batch. The urn should keep a large batch hot for up to six hours however, and the timer will reset once you start a new brew.

Models and Customisation

Today we were looking at the single version of the Jet, which comes in both 2.5 and 5kW power versions. There’s also a ‘twin’ model that features two brew modules in one machine which is around 50% more expensive at £3,100.

Additionally, the Jet system includes a FTC (filter coffee grinder) that syncs up to the brewer and grinds the right amount of coffee needed for each brew program.


Is the Marco Jet Brewer worth the cost?

So the Jet starts at around £2,100, with additional urns costing £480. The urns are quite expensive but are a great option for keeping your coffee hot and dispensing across multiple locations. However, any brand server or thermos that can fit underneath the basket will work absolutely fine.

Whether the Jet as a system is worth the cost is your decision to make, ultimately. It’s certainly a fantastic option for those looking to invest in a customisable brewer capable of brewing large batches of consistently delicious coffee.