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Dark Roasted Blend Taste Adventure

Instead of being named after the region it’s grown in, the Sumatra Mandheling is a rare Indonesian coffee uniquely named, after the people who traditionally grew it! These beans are from a particularly good batch of the South Pacific wonders. We roast the Sumatra coffee beans to a medium/dark colour to make a dark roasted blend. Perfect espresso, , the Mandheling fresh roasted coffee beans pair wonderfully with milk.

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Full-bodied dark roasted blend which combines a syrupy body with muted acidity and makes an elegant exotic cup.

Tasting Profile

  • Flavours – Herbal, Chocolate, Clean Earthy, Woody Notes, Spicy
  • Aroma – Slightly Earthy
  • Body – Syrupy, Full-Bodied
  • Acidity – Low

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Get in touch to arrange a coffee tasting session with the team at our showroom, and while you're visiting we will give you a full tour of our roastery. Unable to make it to us? Don't worry we can travel to your place. Let us know what's best for you, we don't want you to miss the chance to try our dark roasted blend!

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